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I am launching MuslimBadge.com - it's already live - take a look - www.muslimbadge.com

The website MuslimBadge.com is already up and has a few articles already. The motto of MuslimBadge.com is "Stand against hate and fear… spread love and peace… get your Muslim Badge!". Basically, the website puts a positive spin on the rhetoric against Trump. It showcases positive contributions of Muslims around the world, but I intend to focus on Muslims in the Western world. I am still in early stages of development. I could use all the help I can get. So for, I am just a one-person team, although I have gotten lots of great idea contributions from others, many of which were incorporated into my simple website. I want to add TONS more articles (may be around 100 total) and have one be published every other day or so throughout the election year.

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