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Comprehensive Intelligence: The Ability to Empathize through Concepts

I wonder about a study of Trump's average vocabulary. If transcripts could be analyzed for repetition and diversity of concepts, how would he score on verbal intelligence? A person's vocabulary reflects the degree to which they are able (and willing) to conceptualize the various factors of an issue, consider other perspectives, and can continue to learn beyond a simplistic and self-limiting approach. When a person predominantly follows themelves, to what degree can they learn, or truely negotiate, collaborate, and serve others with the authority entrusted to them? And to what degree can a person be a leader as the commander-in-chief if they lack a command of the language required to truly understand the complex issues and bring forth lasting, effective change for a nation, regarding both domestic and international policy? Another point of view on Mr.Trump's language may be reflected by the degree to which "Cognitive Distortions" are a pattern of his average speech patterns. There is a 10+ thought-category list of thoughts-patterns which lead to, or sustain, depression, anxiety, anger and addiction. The list is used to identify counter-productive, inaccurate thoughts. Such thoughts are based on repeated assumptions, personalization, blame, exaggerations, simplistic views and perceptual rigidity. Similar measurable qualities of thought can be found through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and the three main distortions which create problems intrapersonally and interpersonally. One final aspect to round out this analysis would be the perceptions of a personality disorder and how they manifest in proactive and reactive expression. The person who predominately is self-referent in speech seem to be more likely to make decisions based on narrow perceptions from a limited world-view.

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