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Socio-Emotional Demographics of Trump Supportors - growing up and living in fear

Has anyone considered a survey of Trumps popular base regarding their world view, but more so, their early life environment and relationships. I wonder if his world-view and expressions are attractive” because they are familiar, as with growing up in a family in which there were various kinds of abuse, a conditioned fear of rejection and abandonment, a pattern of unpredictability and betrayal - or in general, living with violation, subservience, a focus on the external, and trauma. And I believe the sampling would include people of all ages who are accustomed to, and "relate" to others through, intimidation; simplistic, narrow patterns of perception, and a limiting "all-or-nothing" / "you're with me or against me" response to situations. This may be a part of the draw from fundaMENTALists or was is familiar to followers of veiled hostility and self-righteous, screaming evangelicals. Is there someone with resources who can investigate this dynamic and present this dynamics. And these people are not just the vulnerable, beaten-down and poor.

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  • Will Perks
    published this page in Ideas 2016-09-30 23:23:13 -0400