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1. Join the Democratic Party. Giving up or weakening the DEM party will just ensure GOPS survival and dominance. GOP is fractured by tea party and Trump and division. Fractures exist, it is ready to fail do not remove pressure. Start recall efforts on vulnerable GOP governors. 2. Do not join military. If a member quit ASAP, if you can less than 10 yrs or more than 20. Understand the need for those to remain to earn retirement. Military will be first to die, when NMP reacts to an insult or perceived slight in world events. 3. Join the “not my President” (NMP) movement. He can never enjoy a day of freedom. He is unacceptable period. What they did to harass, dismiss, obstruct Obama cannot be forgotten. The more and worse must happen to NMP. 4. Insist to all that Trump be held responsible for his actions to date with criminal, impeachment, sanctions etc. for fraud, Trump Foundation, Trump University, obvious conflict of interest for POTUS with the Trump business. How could he ever convince the country, he can let his family run a business with foreign ties and government influence? That is impossible. 5. Have the Federal government investigate and explain to its citizens how the election was valid, was not compromised, was not influenced by Russian Hackers. It is believed by many the government would not admit that happened for national security reasons. If there were foreign intrusions it would devastate the faith in government by the people. 6. Boycott all Trump enterprises and businesses for NMP as well as his children’s enterprises pursuits. Unfortunately for them, with hi as their father they have no individual personalities and are just horrible mutations of him. They live in bubble of hate and privilege. 7. Demand a full investigation of his tax Fraud. Why are charges not forthcoming? Prove to the citizens it is proper he paid no taxes all these years. Ivanka’s own husband’s father was convicted and jailed of tax fraud, why not Donald? 8. Stay angry, never give up, correct this wrong as your personal duty. Think of your own angles. 9. Athletes and everyone embrace the kneeling during national anthem. That is easy and a no brainer. If unable to kneel, sitting as required. 10. Demand GOP be held responsible for the monster they created. Don’t sit quietly as they lower taxes on rich, end ObamaCare, and nominate additional unfit people into government positions (Cabinet, SCOTUS, ambassador). Use his own weapons against him bold allegations e.g. his wife is illegal immigrant, rape charges, torture of prisoners, impeachment, etc. Do not be nice guy against evil, that new work against genocide … and won’t work on this tragedy. 11. Boycott Conway and Coulter. Do not support any media who supports or hires them. Don’t buy books. Insist they not have audience in America. 12. Insist rules are followed on family Nepotism. No role for his unfit and unqualified spawn Er9c, Donald Jr, Baron, or Ivanka. 13. Insist on full firewall of his business from conflict of interest. Experts agree only way is to dissolve it completely, family is extension of himself they are robots and cannot run it without his influence and conflict of interest.

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