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Hold a peaceful " Stop the Hate " rally in Washington ,DC on 1/20/17

Make our message powerful and clear from ALL 52 states by holding a massive anti-Trump rally on HIS inauguration day. ALL attendees should carry "STOP THE HATE" signs and American flags to signify our love for country. Encourage attendees to chant in unison "STOP the HATE". Encourage attendees to wear black ribbons and shirts to signify death to hate. ALL group should be represented, Latinos against Trump, Dems for Bernie, Black Lives Matters, Climate change advocates, anti-war advocates, Asians against hate, Muslims against hate, love trumps hate advocates, pro-Hillary advocates, right to choose advocates, LGBT advocates, civil rights advocates, women rights advocates, ACA defenders, President Obama supporters, gun safety advocates....etc.

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  • Randy Trevor
    commented 2017-02-05 00:31:04 -0500
    You don’t know what peaceful is. You may be an undocumented immigrant but you are a well documented boy toucher.
  • Randy Trevor
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