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Pressure the media

Pressure the media to bring up all his sexual assault alligations especially child rape.

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  • Rick Dowdall
    commented 2017-02-04 16:56:14 -0500
    Trump is bad for the world, everyone except himself!
  • Randy Trevor
    commented 2017-02-04 16:35:34 -0500
    You cannot pressure the media, through history, nobody has ever feared faggy liberals.
  • Randy Trevor
    tagged this with like this idea 2017-02-04 16:35:34 -0500
  • Rick Dowdall
    commented 2016-11-16 21:50:20 -0500
    Great Idea, will take an organizer to get people to contact the media outlet in mass.
  • Rick Dowdall
    tagged this with like this idea 2016-11-16 21:50:20 -0500
  • Peter Dauven
    published this page in Ideas 2016-11-13 18:18:56 -0500