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ACT as ONE Calendar - United we cannot be stopped

Today's Women's Marches demonstrated that there is one place that every cause can identify as an origin of evil (Trump). While each participant had a cause they were supporting (Black lives matter, Reproductive Rights, etc): we could all benefit from utilizing/organizing the energy that currently exists. Many blogs and articles exist that give recommendations but not everyone is unified which results in a mixed outcome, if any. So here is my recommendation to you and any other groups. Make a wall calendar that lists a single daily activity that everyone can participate in on the same day. A calendar that is inclusive and has a matching facebook/twitter/Google groups-calendar accounts that remind everyone of the single daily action. This way we all are on the same page fighting together. In this way, we are united. Working together. I see this as a daily wall/digital/reminder calendar 365 days and ways to Fight Trump with a count down of days in office. We need to act as one.

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  • Rebecca Sanders
    published this page in Ideas 2017-01-21 20:01:43 -0500