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Vehicle Rating After Sales(VRAS)

Contact: 08080744899 Age-23 Year This concept is based on Rating in Favor of Drivers to decrease less Accident. Vehicle Rating After Sales(VRAS) What is VRAS? Vehicle Rating is system of rating which directly focus on customer satisfaction and drivers welfare. VRAS is tool which shows rating of vehicle in Percentage or stars. For example we can see number plate very easily like that any one can see this rating also. How Rating will be done? Rating will be done by drivers using VRAS tool. It will also done by any one whoever have application of VARS that they can download from play store or ios.Voting will be done Only at time of live Driving car Because if any person is driving then we can judge them so as per Decision we can vote. ☼IN CASE OF DRIVER RATING IT WILL IMPACT DOUBLE (Because they know how to Driver) ☼IN CASE OF ANY OTHER PERSON IT WILL IMPACT SINGLE LIMITATONS: ☼Every vehicle should have this application or tool which will be installed by Automobile companies. ☼This Rating will be on the basis of drivers(how they are driving) not on the basis of Automobile companies like audi,TATA,BMW etc. ADVANTAGES: It Helps driver to drive Smoothly. It indicates uncertainty or risk. It will reduce risk of Accident. It helps at time of overtake. By seeing indicator of VRAS Driver will alert. Thanking You ! Please do contact me if you liked I will provide you all information. My address: Triveni sadan no.1,shop no.5 currey Road east,M.P.Road,Mumbai-400012

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