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Write letters.... Read before discounting

I know it seems a little old fashioned but imagine thousands upon thousands of letters all addressed to the US President. Each letter would be addressed to what you would call him. Ie, Woman objectif-ier, body shamer, racist, Mr.President, etc. Then would follow 5 reasons why you do not agree, why you would stand up against him, what policies should be scraped. Etc. The fact that you only have 5 reasons means that people would have to think about their reasons carefully. No reason would be “he sucks” or a comment about his appearance. Therefore he would not be able to say that people were picking him up for small things. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people sending one powerful letter each. Each letter could be handwritten or typed but each one as powerful s the next could be put online. Each letter, each story, each post… all sent to him. Tagged, sent to, together a difference could be made.

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  • Tom Stuart
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  • Zoe Stewart-Birch
    commented 2017-11-20 06:35:11 -0500
    Every person would be strong, opinionated, unfailing.
  • Zoe Stewart-Birch
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  • Zoe Stewart-Birch
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