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Protest via Hashtag #Raiseyourwords

As the wise Rumi once said "“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” I believe we as a society can separate this issue from politics and come together to "raise the words" of our leaders to create a better world for ourselves and the generations to come. #Raiseyourwords is an awareness movement to remind our government that words matter. As a society of all different political beliefs, religions and ethnicities we insist this issue is not political, it is a human issue. We demand higher standards for those who hold office as our leaders and lawmakers. Setting the tone for our society starts with individual kindness and tolerance for differences, but we alone can not make the change we want to see. Our government has the power to set the national standard as to what is normal and acceptable personal behavior. We ask our officials to #raiseyourwords. We do this by shining a light on what is unacceptable to us as a society, we hashtag #raiseyourwords to unacceptable tweets, Facebook Posts and speeches so that our voice of protest is heard.

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  • Crystal Bradshaw
    published this page in Ideas 2017-12-04 15:51:32 -0500