Trump attacks WHO – “really screwed it up”

A senior adviser to US President Donald Trump warned media reports earlier in January that a coronavirus pandemic could result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The US population would be “vulnerable” to the virus because there […]

Interest Rates Will Not Be Cut In The USA

Interest rates will not be cut in the USA for the time being. At its meeting on June 19, the Federal Reserve (Fed) left the level between 2.25 percent and 2.5 percent. However, the US central bank is forecasting interest […]

The U.S. Economy Under Donald Trump

US budget Low unemployment, steady growth, large deficits. Is President Trump’s booming an economic miracle or purely a mirage? From the creation of a US Space Command to a new design for the exterior of the Air Force One government […]

How To Measure Policy Uncertainty

After the Great Depression of the late 2000s, the number of countries at the political level that became more pronounced at the political level increased. One of them is the United States. In the 2010 midterm elections, the Democrats barely […]

Responsible Applications of Cryptocurrency

Huge probable gains from cryptocurrencies really pushed its popularity and demand in the global market. However, despite its massive success, blockchain technology is so volatile and involves significant and drastic losses especially if you don’t know what you are doing. […]

Measures for Economic Growth

Economic growth is defined as the increase of market value in services and goods that’s produced by the economy over time. For a more thorough definition… Economic Growth: It’s the outward direction in the PPC or Production Possibility Curve. Economic […]

Knowing Your Economy

Most of the time, people working on an industry deeply get involved in their field of work, how it works, and how they should work as well. But, oftentimes these individuals forget that the industry they are working in is […]

The Economy and Debt of Consumers

Credits and loans are everywhere we go. This is because they are powerful it we are a responsible consumer. Otherwise it will eat you up and will forever be in debt. Since a lot of people are applying for different […]

Predicting the Rise and Fall of Stocks

You’ll hear from countless of marketing specialists and experts that the stock market is so volatile. There’s a straightforward reasoning for this. That’s the fact that stock prices are constantly changing and it’s directly impacted by market forces. Having said […]


Law is basically a system of rules. This is very common in our government. The same is practiced in smaller entities like municipalities, cities, counties and even on schools, businesses and families alike. Law is recognized as the action of […]


Social media has been widely used in today’s time. Apart from being a communication and business tool as well, politician’s presence is felt heavily in these platforms. From Facebook, Twitter and even on YouTube, it has drastically changed how campaigns […]


Digital signature is basically a mathematical algorithm that is used for validation of message, digital document or software. It’s the counterpart for handwritten signatures or stamped seals. Digital signature does offer improved security and designed to solve problems of impersonation […]


If you, your company or the politician that you are working for are in the news, your reputation and public image are instantly put on the spotlight. Regardless of how busy your schedule is and whether the news puts you […]

Trump Hate

There have been countless interviews made, Tweets, posts on Facebook and Instagram, press conferences and the likes made with US President Donald Trump since his time sitting at the office. This makes it extremely difficult of the most significant issues […]


Citizens of a nation are working hard to live and survive. In the process, this helps the economy to grow. Alongside growing economy, it puts money in people’s pockets. At the same time, it gives the unemployed easier time of […]