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Proposal for an emergency referendum and national vote of no confidence

The logistics, legal and constructional hurdles will be formidable and daunting. Nevertheless, there are only two real causes why the following proposed emergency referendum might be deemed impractical: The first possible reason is simply self-fulfilling prophesy. Without hope, no one will try. The second possible reason is that the proposed measures might be considered too extreme. Really? How bad does it need to get??!! At the very least, open serious strategic discussion and feasibility study towards actionable agenda, are clearly in order, immediately. Let nothing be taboo. Never forget that we are people! Corporations and zygotes are not people. 1. Bernie Sanders will be drafted to begin a full term immediately, as the legitimate President of the United States of America, with the Vice President of his choice. 2. Hence forth and beginning immediately, the courts will be tasked to summarily remove from Congress, all Senators and Representatives that did not win their seats legitimately. The states will then be allowed to conduct special elections under court supervision and safeguarded from all manner of tampering, foreign or domestic, by Homeland Security. Every precaution will be applied, including paper ballots in corroboration of electronic tallies. Ballots will be counted independently by Jimmy Carter. 3. Hence forth, all elections in the United States of America will be by unlimited number ranked-choice instant-runoff voting. 4. Immediately, all measures of voter interference will be reversed: Citizens United will be overturned and the Voting Rights Act restored, etc., all under a special emergency mandate to the Attorney General appointed by the new President. This will be by temporary measures to be later refined and made permanent by legislation and/or Constitutional Amendment. Motor-voter and same day registration etc. will also be mandated by Federal law. 5. All felons will be re-enfranchised, immediately. Unless actively opting out in any given election, convicts serving time, on probation and parolees will all be legally required to vote in all elections. It's the very least they can do! NOTES 1. Hillary and her cronies stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie, and Donald stole the Presidential election from Hillary and the Democrats. But Bernie still would have won against Donald. Hence Bernie is the rightful President with the people’s mandate! Donald is the usurper. Due process is not a suicide pact. This dangerous miscarriage of democracy must be remedied forthwith. 2. What good is it to rule any election unkosher, if nothing is done? 3. With ranked-choice instant-runoff voting as practiced in Australia (and yes, the Baseball Hall of Fame!), any citizen is able to vote their conscience without fear of splitting the vote against an undesirable candidate, because if your preferred candidate loses, your vote devolves to your second choice, and so on down your list in order of preference. 4. The pertinence of the issues treated in point number four are well evident. 5. Indeed a complicated afterthought and fine point: Speaking of voter rights and voter interference, felon disentrancement is the most legitimized and numerically the greatest of all ongoing and longstanding measures voter interference, another of so many legislative moral gestures that go against the public interest, a moralistic scam in service to prison growth industry pillaging our great nation. The most common reason given to abolish felon disenfranchisement, and re-enfranchise felons, is because the law is too often abused in the purging of voter rolls ostensibly of felons, but actually accidentally-on-purpose of numerous non-felons. But another problem is in how very poor neighborhoods, too many young people end up with very minor criminal convictions and are consequently disenfranchised of their vote. The result is that the neighborhood as a whole, loses political power to improve their lot. All in all, just as with rebels laying down their arms, don't we actually want former criminals to participate in the political system legitimately? All those stoners and hookers clogging our penal system, might have decriminalized their own sorry lifestyles years ago, saving money so much better spent on rehabilitation, while freeing up jail space for real dangerous villains! For that matter, why not put highly successful "jailhouse lawyers" to work as paralegals? What a squandered resource! All hence, even if it seems a bit of a stretch, the imperative of felon re-enfranchisement rightly and appropriately included in this emergency referendum, is only another instance, part and parcel, of the same perpetual call to action in our repeatedly vindicated ever burning faith and sacred trust placed in freedom, social progress and participatory democracy, that more democracy is generally the most effective and most righteous answer whenever democracy is compromised, endangered and founders, as is surely the case in our perilous times, the age of Trump. Felons voting might actually help keep greater felons out of office! COGNITIVE DISSOINANCE: WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT HILLARY? There was a Machiavel who’s been doing very well. For when she is good, she is very good indeed. But when she is bad she is horrid! When no good deed went unpunished, she was never quite the same: Burring with frustration, then she learned to play the game! There seem to be too kinds of Hillary Clinton supporters: Among the admirers and supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, only some really endorse Hillary just as she is, including especially those Hillary apologists still defending Machiavellian crooked Hillary on the basis of pragmatic expediency in the greater good, “getting things done.” But others, such as Michal Moore and Samantha Bee, publicly wax nostalgic for some prior Hilary, yearning for her return out from the dark side! Centrism on a continuum extending so deeply into corporate crime, often must entail ongoing deals with the devil. Politics has ever been the art of the feasible and the tenable. But many Americas quite forget all of Hillary’s compassionate struggle and good works and intentions, incensed by all of her evil, especially her collusion with the Corporate Democrats stealing the Democratic nomination from Bernie and the Warren Wing, with the calamitous result that Donald could steal the presidential election from the Democrats. The Corporate Democrats have consistently prioritized their own seniority over winning elections for the people. Hillary gambled and America lost! Chameleonic Hillary has finally failed to adapt and is now steadily on course to becoming a transitional figure. But let’s not be ungrateful and throw out the metaphorical baby with the proverbial bath water. In order to reign in the Corporate Democrats, mend the breach and unite, might be to offer those nostalgic Hillerites the Hillary they so yearn for by advancing a plan for her rehabilitation, even kicking and screaming all the way! Bernie has no problems working with Hillary. But clearly Hillary is not yet ready to run the world unsupervised. And in the meantime, there is no better strategy for providing Hillary with such badly needed structure, than a rightful and righteous Bernie Sanders presidency.

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