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Waiting for Trump to screw up so badly justifying impeachment is foolish for these reasons: (1) the impeachment process takes too much time; the result is never guaranteed; the damage to us and to the world may be irreparable; and just as bad (or worse) as Pence would step up in Trump's place. A citizen initiative to recall TRUMP/PENCE is therefore the only solution to keep them from being sworn in or remove them after being sworn in if it takes that much time to get a sufficient number of signatures on a Recall petition. The reasons for not bothering to do this: (1) there is no provision for recall of President or Vice President in the constitution; (2) it would be a herculean undertaking; (3) no guarantee of success; (4) those who under take a recall campaign would have to be willing to look foolish in the end if the US Supreme Court enters an adverse ruling; and (5) its never been done before. The reasons for doing it are (1) 50 Million plus Americans are looking for a solution to this nightmare and therefore finding volunteers and financial supporters should not be a problem; (2) if "We the People . . ." have the right to elect our representatives, then we have the inherent right, whether expressly in the Constitution or not, to unelect or recall them, and if there is one election in our history that demands that we try everything to correct our mistake, isn't it this one (?); (3) even if it were to fail, it is the only action (National Campaign to Recall Trump/Pence) which will give voice to all who encountered real shock and awe the morning of November the 9th when they realized that the impossible had occurred, that two very dangerous pathological liars apparently won election to the two highest offices in the country; (4) fail or succeed, it will motivate all Americans to finally pay as much attention to what is happening in Washington DC as they spend watching reality television; (5) it can provide an opportunity to educate and inform those who still don't understand that democracies are fragile things and that change merely for the sake of change is both foolish and dangerous; (6) to show reasoning people that much of America will not sit on their hands and watch as the ultimate abuse of power unfolds at the highest levels of American government; (7) to illustrate the principle "ask and you shall receive" and that you never know what it is that you can receive or achieve until you ask for it - so let's ask for it; (8) that an estimated 80 million eligible voters did not vote the first time and may be convinced of the importance to do so a second time around; (9) as a show of force to the Republicans in Congress that their "win" was a mere happenstance and not a mandate of their policies; and (10) because we could just make history, the type of history that repudiates white supremacy, that keeps America on the right path to curbing adverse climate change; that disavows sexual predators and reaffirms the right in women to self determination in all spheres of their person; and saves a democracy from what we all know in Trump/Pence will be an abuse of power never before experienced in modern times. I have drafted a recall petition and given thought to how a campaign could be carried out. I need the support not only of the members of The Democratic Coalition Against Donald Trump but also of its executive board. The question now becomes: are we just going to poo poo this idea or take it and run with it, no matter the outcome?

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  • Tom Rezanka
    published this page in Ideas 2016-12-07 10:24:18 -0500