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Be united by MIND, not only by physical presence

In every demonstration we see people grouped together, but make sure you're all united in your THOUGHTS as well (clarity of thoughts and the way you express them is crucial for the reputation of the movement) Only a small group of people that act crazy or not intelligently can discredit the whole movement because the medias feed themselve with these isolated events. It's really important to TALK with people you meet, exchange ideas and points of views, DEFINE CLEAR GOALS AND POSITIONS. Every people on the street have to take part in the process, otherwise the movement is condemned to fail. It's important to show that you are there by participating in demonstrations, but more work should be put in the organisations of the movement's mindset. Intellectuals are of great help in these situations, read what they think, they can act as some guides for your thougts, but make sure your point of view are always from you, do not litteraly copy paste their words, even if it can be tempting. You always master your arguments when you express them by yourself. Good luck!

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