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Clear & Simple policy change tracker

First of all this little idea box is genius, i hope youll read this one. Just create some site with informations backed up by légitimate sources that talks about all the actions that are taken or trying to be acbieved by Trump and his team so people can act as watch dogs while not having to spend countless hours searching for this information on gov. Sites. Its the first thing you need when you want to take position, à good source of information. Make it clear and simple, the legitimate sources is the most important part, the one that should be neglected under no circumstances and the one that will déterminé if the site is à reference, or something trump supporters will use against us. Organise. Ask for help of students in IT, theres probably more persons that we can imagine who are ready to engagé in an organiséd effort. Im Canadian (Québec) and i want you guys not to repeat the mistakes we made during the 2012 students strike. Begin now to create à structure. Good luck, im with you all.

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