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Peacefull non violent protests

Look having riots and attacking innocent civilians is no way to accomplish anything... You are being terrorists. If you really want to stop hate you have to look inside yourself and stop hating Trump and people who voted for him. If you don't like something peacefully protest don't hurt anyone or their property.. If blacks would've acted like Trump haters 70 years ago then there would definitely be no equal rights. Look at what they did back then even though they were attacked viciously by police and their dogs they didn't stoop down to their level and riot back.. Don't make yourselves look bad. All we see is violence at these never trump riots.. that does not look good at all. It really just spreads more hate.. Don't violate other peoples rights because your mad about something. Fight for something we can actually change.. for example they are poisoning people with fluoride in tap water and dumping chemicals in our skies aka chemtrails and they're feeding us gmo which causes cancer and theyre killing kids with vaccines and theyre killing off blacks with abortions lets stop murdering our babies and outlaw all of this stuff theyre literally destroying the planet.. Climate change is not caused by us or carbon or anything its just all lies.. The government is trying to kill us all and control the few ppl that will be left. You need to fight big government the government should have no say in how you live your life as long as you don't hurt anyone or their property but its all about control... If your still reading this wake up! Stop wars Stop big pharma Stop killing fetus's Stop believing all these lies that the governments around the world have been telling us for decades kill big government Don't tread on me! Trump is the first president that is not going to lie to us and is actually going to help Americans and if you do your research youll find out that he is not a racist sexist or gay hater that's just what the tv networks were telling you to believe they've taken everything out of context and cut and edit things to make it look like he is kkk. Hillary called black kids super predators and her mentor is Saul alinsky whos a kkk leader. Bill is responsible for filling prisons with colored ppl by putting drug users in prison and giving them felonies breaking up peoples families and causing them to live a life of poverty. Bill has a black son by a hooker.. Clintons set up a charity in Haiti that raised billions but the Haitians didn't get one dollar they stole it all. Clintons are owned by foreign leaders and Corporations that's why they give them so much money so they can fuck us over and stay at the top. Clintons are Satanists they worship the devil and do magik rituals. Clintons are linked to pedophile rings around the world. Hillary sells government top secret intel to foreign enemies. Hillary stole the democratic nomination from sanders by voter fraud. She almost stole the presidency by voter fraud. Many of you are college students do your research on Trump and Hillary. Trump never said anything hatefull to blacks latinos or gays or handicaps. Trump is not owned by banksters or foreign governments or corporations. Trump never molested or raped anyone all of those stories have been debunked. Clintons have raped and murdered many many people. Russia didn't hack anything in fact the only ones who did any hacking is the Clintons. I could go on for hours and hours but I'm sick of typing but to sum it all up were not going into ww3 now that hes president and hes gonna keep terrorists and criminal illegals out of our country hes not racist hes just a common sense patriot. Taxes are gonna be cut for middle class instead of raised. Were gonna stop funding isis now and kill them off. I can find a library full of dirt on Clinton but the only thing bad I could find about trump is that he might have ties to the Jesuits. Its sad to see all these college kids just believing gossip they hear from television instead of doing theyre own research especially nowadays with the internet in your pockets everywhere you go. Stop falling for their propaganda! Lock up all these dirty politicians! Don't hate! Celebrate!

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  • Randy Trevor
    commented 2017-02-04 16:45:46 -0500
    Your the one logical person on this site. I recommend you abandon the dark side. Your fellow party members are a lost cause. Riots are the reason Mr. Trump got elected. So to all the rioting liberals angry becuase they are stupid and poor. Thank You.
  • Randy Trevor
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