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Hi My name is Arun kumar, I am a student and I am on OPT , I have a basic question its pretty straight forward. If the intention of having OPT, H1B OR GC any visa it may be , if it is for STEM program only, why there are no ways to identify is it really belong to STEM or not. I am paying all taxes properly on time, I really dont get any real benifit and I have double masters in Electrical and Electronics engineering and as of I know I really qualify for STEM Program. But I have to go through with a lot of levels of employers who take almost upto 50% of share on my work and with the remaining I pay taxes and whole lot of other expenses. Here the question if the intention of all those visa is for getting skilled people who dont GC be given only to them , I even did masters here. GC should be given to people who pay proper taxes and for those who had completed masters here not for every1. GC if given for someone who had not paid taxes or for families dont give benifits save money to develop the nation. They have to do some work here and let them pay taxes. make this type of visa as some other card rather than green card say it as gc 2 or some other name. If benifits are not given they will return back and the applications will reduce, only the people who really work and pay taxes will get benifited and even the nation will get benifited with that and real rule is implemented. For opt and h1b only the employer is getting benifited , the students or the workers are very less benifited, give them option to work with any 1 . once they get work visa they should be able to work with any1 in same domain. so that taxes are paid directly with huge pay for them. Govt is again benifited, they invest their mind, they pay taxes, everybody will be happy. Everytime when they have some visa they should be able to travel abroad , no restrictions , so that they spend whole lot of money on travelling . The govt again will get money with that.

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  • Arun Naidu
    published this page in Ideas 2018-06-21 14:43:07 -0400