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Why Trump's Presidential Run Isn't Such a Bad Thing : I'm sure many of you are shocked and even frightened that Donald Trump is getting so much support. However, given the fact that there are many "never Trump" republicans and countless democrats and independents that would never vote for Trump, there is nothing to worry about. Donald Trump's racism, sexism, and general bigotry has transformed him into a media magnet. The attention is also put on Trump's opposition and anyone boycotting him. Previous movements like Black Lives Matter, Femenism, and Equality have grown exponentially and achieved a lot more media attention since Trump's candidacy announcement. Trump's supporters are notorious for being racist and ignorant. Before, all of these movements could not zone in on a target, but now, all of the racists and bigots have come out and are in the spotlight for us to fight. Donald Trump's presidential run has made the BLM movement and other movements that he despises much stronger, he has increased the amount of youth interested in politics, and just generally aided in the unification of people against him. Trump has helped strengthen the movements and the people that he has been so desperate to eradicate. #ThankYouDonaldTrump

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