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Destroy His Legacy!

It's only been a week and already he's offended the planet! We can produce posters, websites, t-shirts etc that mention, for example, #DestroyTrumpsLegacy. This will send a message to people to ALWAYS do something to bring attention to his distasteful presidency. At the end of his four years, he'll disappear without a trace and his massive ego will be destroyed. It's about psychology - image after image mentioning that he WILL NOT have ANY legacy apart from demonising 1.5 BILLION of the planet's population will hit home. His family name won't be worth you-know-what!

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  • Randy Trevor
    commented 2017-02-04 02:47:24 -0500
    How bout I destroy you, with a bullet.
  • Randy Trevor
    tagged this with like this idea 2017-02-04 02:47:23 -0500
  • Jo Boxer
    published this page in Ideas 2017-01-29 17:48:26 -0500