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If you are a New Yorker and not a registered voter, get your registration postmarked by this Friday, March 25th in order to vote in the New York Republican primary on April 19th. You must register as a Republican by March 25th in order to be eligible to vote in the April 19th primary election. Registering as a Republican simply requires checking a box on a voter registration form. It does NOT require you to vote Republican or in any other way in the general election in November. (It precludes you only from voting in another party's primary election.) On April 19th, be sure to vote for John Kasich in New York's primary election. Here's why New Yorkers' votes matter so much: 81 of New York's 95 delegates will be decided by the results in each of New York's Congressional Districts. Particularly in New York City, these districts will allocate delegates based on the results of only a few thousand or even a few hundred votes. (In 2012, a total of only 205 Republicans in the 11th Congressional District voted in the presidential primary election.) If Trump can be held to under 50% of the vote in a district, while another candidate (Kasich) gets more than 20%, Kasich will keep Trump from winning all of the delegates in the district. Why Kasich? He is the only sensible candidate left in the race (Cruz is in many ways as extreme and unelectable as Trump), and the only candidate besides Trump with a realistic chance of clearing the 20% threshold to receive delegates in New York. Please spread the word and register to vote by the deadline.

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