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The electors CAN Dump Trump on Dec 19th!!!

The election is not over until Dec 19th when the electors in each state vote. Get the electors to Dump Trump on Dec 19th! Electors in 26 states are bound by state law to cast their votes in a prescribed manner. Electors in the remaining states have discretion in how to cast their votes. In this election, the "red" states in which electors have discretion and can vote according to the national popular vote if they choose on Dec 19th or just select another candidate to reduce Trumps count below 270: AZ,TX,UT,ID,KS,SD,ND,IA,MO,AR,LA,GA,TN & PA. Only 42 of 172 electors need to "do the right thing" to insure that the electoral college reflects the popular vote, or 21 to reduce Trumps count below 270 and allow the House to select a more suitable President. Please lobby your state electors and picket at your state capitol on Dec 19th when the electors convene to vote. As the days progress and events spurred on by vitriolic campaign rhetoric continue to unfold, I hope that the electors will search their hearts long and hard before casting their electoral votes. Stop the hate by getting the electors to Dump Trump NOW!!!

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  • Dara Walter
    published this page in Ideas 2016-11-13 22:10:23 -0500