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March, rally, sit, stand- do something now or we lose!

This isn't a reality TV show! This is real! Our hateful president and our weak government officials are ruining our future, credibility, livelihood, and the strength of our country. We can not wait until this term is over. POTUS is a force of destruction and he is destroying everything great about America! He is weakening our country with hatred-- everyday! The world sees our country as weak! We must act now! We must make our voices heard now! We are the people and this is the people's government and the people's country! We do not belong to a tyrant and we do not let tyranny divide our country. We have to come together and be seen! We have to show that benevolence, common sense, and the greater good of man can prevail!

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  • L Langford
    published this page in Ideas 2017-08-16 11:53:33 -0400