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Requesting Assistance for Legal Litigation to COMPENSATE CHILDREN and VICTIMS who were KILLED

Requesting Assistance for Legal Litigation to COMPENSATE CHILDREN and VICTIMS who were KILLED and MURDERED for YEARS by ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants. Those Democrats, and some Republicans, and Other People, who Allowed and SUPPORT ILLEGAL undocumented Immigration, and Sanctuary Cities resulting in the MURDER of CHILDREN and VICTIMS are Responsible and Must be Legally Sued. American Citizen Victims like G.R., Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw’s Child, and Bologna’s Children, J.W., Sheriff D. Oliver, Det. M. Davis, Baby Reedy, And THOUSANDS of VICTIMS have been KILLED by ILLEGAL Undocumented immigrants for YEARS before Donald Trump Ever thought of Running for President, and Many of the KILLINGS Should Have NEVER HAPPEN. Many of the MURDERS Could have been PREVENTED if America Followed Immigration LAWS. See “IN-Complete KNOWN" Victims at: http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp And there are THOUSANDS of VICTIMS Not Even Mentioned in this List. I Noticed Sometime during Donald Trump's Presidential campaign that America has a SERIOUS PROBLEM with "ILLEGAL" Undocumented Immigration, DACA, Sanctuary Cities, ILLEGAL Immigrant GANGS, and ILLEGAL Drugs. Democrats and Republicans and American Citizens Should WORK HAVE WORKED TOGETHER TO STOP THIS INSANE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FOR YEARS! I Want to Legally Sued for the Deaths of CHILDREN and Victims, Loss of many Years, and Unemployment of Years Very Likely due to ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants, and DACA, and Hereby Requesting Your Assistance. 1) ILLEGAL undocumented immigrants, and DACA, SHOULD TAKE THE JOBS, CAREERS, OPPORTUNITIES, and BUSINESSES of those DEMOCRATS , and others, WHO SUPPORT ILLEGAL immigration, and Sanctuary Cities, and DACA in America! 2) Those DEMOCRATS, Republicans, and other people, Who SUPPORT "ILLEGAL" undocumented immigration and Sanctuary Cities Resulting in DEATHS OF CHILDREN and VICTIMS are RESPONSIBLE for the DEATHS, ASSAULTS; and any LOSS of JOBS, Careers & BUSINESSES of Citizens. This Country can NOT Properly Protect its own citizens & its Borders! Ann Coulter's book "Adios America" SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN YEARS AGO, and She does NOT Even Mention the THOUSANDS of “KNOWN” Victims! According to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, "There are over Four Million Unemployed Americans in the Same Age Group, as those that are DACA Recipients, That Over 950,000 of those are African Americans in the same age group, Over 870,000 Unemployed Hispanics in the same age group. Those are large Groups of people that are Unemployed that could possibly have those jobs." (Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Briefing September 5, 2017) Thank GOD for President Trump for SUPPORTING VICTIMS, and for TRYING to STOP ILLEGAL Immigration, and STOP Sanctuary Cities. Politicians, Journalists, and Others, Should have TRIED to STOP ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigration YEARS AGO in this country, for SAFETY of American Citizens. The Families of CHILDREN and VICTIMS who were KILLED Need to be Compensated, and those Democrats, and Other People, who Allowed and SUPPORT ILLEGAL undocumented Immigration, and Sanctuary cities resulting in the MURDER of CHILDREN and VICTIMS are Responsible and Must be Legally Sued.

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Postcards - in addition to letter-writing

A recent proposal encouraged letter-writing. I do not disagree with that. I'd encourage considering a related action. Send postcards. To the putative-President. To the White House. To members of Congress. As letters to the editor. Even to friends and family. Let the 'card' side (not the address side) contain a message. Large font. Brief. One point only, per card. Maybe even have a series of cards - build anticipation. The advantage? Other folks (mail carriers, others in the office where it is delivered, etc.) get to see it. It is possibly more likely to get them thinking than the addressee.

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Vote of No Confidence - Plain and simple

A recent idea embedded the notion of a vote of no confidence in a complicated set of proposals. Let's isolate the no-confidence vote, find a non-partisan sponsor (yes, non-partisan) and do it.

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Protest via Hashtag #Raiseyourwords

As the wise Rumi once said "“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” I believe we as a society can separate this issue from politics and come together to "raise the words" of our leaders to create a better world for ourselves and the generations to come. #Raiseyourwords is an awareness movement to remind our government that words matter. As a society of all different political beliefs, religions and ethnicities we insist this issue is not political, it is a human issue. We demand higher standards for those who hold office as our leaders and lawmakers. Setting the tone for our society starts with individual kindness and tolerance for differences, but we alone can not make the change we want to see. Our government has the power to set the national standard as to what is normal and acceptable personal behavior. We ask our officials to #raiseyourwords. We do this by shining a light on what is unacceptable to us as a society, we hashtag #raiseyourwords to unacceptable tweets, Facebook Posts and speeches so that our voice of protest is heard.

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Proposal for an emergency referendum and national vote of no confidence

The logistics, legal and constructional hurdles will be formidable and daunting. Nevertheless, there are only two real causes why the following proposed emergency referendum might be deemed impractical: The first possible reason is simply self-fulfilling prophesy. Without hope, no one will try. The second possible reason is that the proposed measures might be considered too extreme. Really? How bad does it need to get??!! At the very least, open serious strategic discussion and feasibility study towards actionable agenda, are clearly in order, immediately. Let nothing be taboo. Never forget that we are people! Corporations and zygotes are not people. 1. Bernie Sanders will be drafted to begin a full term immediately, as the legitimate President of the United States of America, with the Vice President of his choice. 2. Hence forth and beginning immediately, the courts will be tasked to summarily remove from Congress, all Senators and Representatives that did not win their seats legitimately. The states will then be allowed to conduct special elections under court supervision and safeguarded from all manner of tampering, foreign or domestic, by Homeland Security. Every precaution will be applied, including paper ballots in corroboration of electronic tallies. Ballots will be counted independently by Jimmy Carter. 3. Hence forth, all elections in the United States of America will be by unlimited number ranked-choice instant-runoff voting. 4. Immediately, all measures of voter interference will be reversed: Citizens United will be overturned and the Voting Rights Act restored, etc., all under a special emergency mandate to the Attorney General appointed by the new President. This will be by temporary measures to be later refined and made permanent by legislation and/or Constitutional Amendment. Motor-voter and same day registration etc. will also be mandated by Federal law. 5. All felons will be re-enfranchised, immediately. Unless actively opting out in any given election, convicts serving time, on probation and parolees will all be legally required to vote in all elections. It's the very least they can do! NOTES 1. Hillary and her cronies stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie, and Donald stole the Presidential election from Hillary and the Democrats. But Bernie still would have won against Donald. Hence Bernie is the rightful President with the people’s mandate! Donald is the usurper. Due process is not a suicide pact. This dangerous miscarriage of democracy must be remedied forthwith. 2. What good is it to rule any election unkosher, if nothing is done? 3. With ranked-choice instant-runoff voting as practiced in Australia (and yes, the Baseball Hall of Fame!), any citizen is able to vote their conscience without fear of splitting the vote against an undesirable candidate, because if your preferred candidate loses, your vote devolves to your second choice, and so on down your list in order of preference. 4. The pertinence of the issues treated in point number four are well evident. 5. Indeed a complicated afterthought and fine point: Speaking of voter rights and voter interference, felon disentrancement is the most legitimized and numerically the greatest of all ongoing and longstanding measures voter interference, another of so many legislative moral gestures that go against the public interest, a moralistic scam in service to prison growth industry pillaging our great nation. The most common reason given to abolish felon disenfranchisement, and re-enfranchise felons, is because the law is too often abused in the purging of voter rolls ostensibly of felons, but actually accidentally-on-purpose of numerous non-felons. But another problem is in how very poor neighborhoods, too many young people end up with very minor criminal convictions and are consequently disenfranchised of their vote. The result is that the neighborhood as a whole, loses political power to improve their lot. All in all, just as with rebels laying down their arms, don't we actually want former criminals to participate in the political system legitimately? All those stoners and hookers clogging our penal system, might have decriminalized their own sorry lifestyles years ago, saving money so much better spent on rehabilitation, while freeing up jail space for real dangerous villains! For that matter, why not put highly successful "jailhouse lawyers" to work as paralegals? What a squandered resource! All hence, even if it seems a bit of a stretch, the imperative of felon re-enfranchisement rightly and appropriately included in this emergency referendum, is only another instance, part and parcel, of the same perpetual call to action in our repeatedly vindicated ever burning faith and sacred trust placed in freedom, social progress and participatory democracy, that more democracy is generally the most effective and most righteous answer whenever democracy is compromised, endangered and founders, as is surely the case in our perilous times, the age of Trump. Felons voting might actually help keep greater felons out of office! COGNITIVE DISSOINANCE: WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT HILLARY? There was a Machiavel who’s been doing very well. For when she is good, she is very good indeed. But when she is bad she is horrid! When no good deed went unpunished, she was never quite the same: Burring with frustration, then she learned to play the game! There seem to be too kinds of Hillary Clinton supporters: Among the admirers and supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, only some really endorse Hillary just as she is, including especially those Hillary apologists still defending Machiavellian crooked Hillary on the basis of pragmatic expediency in the greater good, “getting things done.” But others, such as Michal Moore and Samantha Bee, publicly wax nostalgic for some prior Hilary, yearning for her return out from the dark side! Centrism on a continuum extending so deeply into corporate crime, often must entail ongoing deals with the devil. Politics has ever been the art of the feasible and the tenable. But many Americas quite forget all of Hillary’s compassionate struggle and good works and intentions, incensed by all of her evil, especially her collusion with the Corporate Democrats stealing the Democratic nomination from Bernie and the Warren Wing, with the calamitous result that Donald could steal the presidential election from the Democrats. The Corporate Democrats have consistently prioritized their own seniority over winning elections for the people. Hillary gambled and America lost! Chameleonic Hillary has finally failed to adapt and is now steadily on course to becoming a transitional figure. But let’s not be ungrateful and throw out the metaphorical baby with the proverbial bath water. In order to reign in the Corporate Democrats, mend the breach and unite, might be to offer those nostalgic Hillerites the Hillary they so yearn for by advancing a plan for her rehabilitation, even kicking and screaming all the way! Bernie has no problems working with Hillary. But clearly Hillary is not yet ready to run the world unsupervised. And in the meantime, there is no better strategy for providing Hillary with such badly needed structure, than a rightful and righteous Bernie Sanders presidency.

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Jump Off A Very High Bridge

We should all put an end to our useless lives and jump off a very high bridge.

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Write letters.... Read before discounting

I know it seems a little old fashioned but imagine thousands upon thousands of letters all addressed to the US President. Each letter would be addressed to what you would call him. Ie, Woman objectif-ier, body shamer, racist, Mr.President, etc. Then would follow 5 reasons why you do not agree, why you would stand up against him, what policies should be scraped. Etc. The fact that you only have 5 reasons means that people would have to think about their reasons carefully. No reason would be “he sucks” or a comment about his appearance. Therefore he would not be able to say that people were picking him up for small things. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people sending one powerful letter each. Each letter could be handwritten or typed but each one as powerful s the next could be put online. Each letter, each story, each post… all sent to him. Tagged, sent to, together a difference could be made.

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pay per click abuse.

just click any trump property and that quite a few, that has an add. go through bing yahoo and google, go to all his properties then do the same on every pc you can. thats truly a very expensive add campaign without any positive revenue. ((payperclickastroids)) the new fun video game..

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Join The Protest With RefuseFascism.org On Nov 4th

Refuse Fascism Is Going To Have A Protest All Over Major Cities On Nov 4th, Let's Join Them To End The Nightmare.

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Steps for JEECUP 2018 Application form

The Uttar Pradesh Joint Entrance Exam is going to conduct for the UP Polytechnic Admission 2018 in the state. The notification has released by the official board on the website of the board. This is one of the great chances for the candidates to join any of the diploma courses in government or private colleges in the state. The candidates who have the interest to adhere to the diploma course in various streams must read the JEECUP 2018 Notification to know the eligibility criteria of the board. The JEECUP Application Form 2018 can start from the online website using the correct link.

The board invites the UP Polytechnic Online Application 2018 the contenders to participate in the seat allotment process. Candidates who have applied for online only allowed for the entrance exam and permitted to attend admission process. Applicant should send the registration form via online, offline mode will not be considered by the board.

You can select the exam venue directly from the registration itself. The written test will be an entry pass for the other procedure in the selection criteria. The late submission or incomplete online forms are rejected during the verification by the officials.

Steps for JEECUP 2018 Application form

You can send your online registration form by referring the following steps. It will also minimize your registration time.

  • For filling the application form first, you have to visit the website.
  • Then search for the online registration link from the JEECUP Official website.
  • Tap on the link and open it for entering your details on the online registration form.
  • Include the details like your name, email id, phone number, address, income details, nativity, nationality, gender, educational information and more.
  • Then select the venue for UPJEE Polytechnic Entrance Exam from the online form.
  • Now attach the needed certificates in PDF format along with recent photo and signature of the candidate.
  • Then move to payment section and enter the payment details paid via online.
  • Check all the details are entered as per the instruction furnished in the booklet.
  • Then submit the form and download it from online. Also, note down the application number and password for future login.

UP Polytechnic Application Fee 2018

The candidates have informed to pay the application fee on online mode using credit card/debit card/ any other source. The fee will non-refundable in any situation once collected from the applicants.

Registration fees for general/ OBC category: Rs.300/-

Registration fee for SC/ST category: Rs.200/-


UP Polytechnic 2018 Application Form:- https://onlineentrancesexam.co.in/jeecup-application-form/

JEE Main 2018 Application Form:- https://onlineentrancesexam.co.in/jee-main-application-form/

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Taxi/Lyft/Uber Protest

Encourage taxi services, Lyft and Uber drivers to deny service to all Trump properties. No pickups. No dropoffs.

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Came across this comical video (link above) with a serious undertone, on the Trump invasion!

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Expose Trump lies to his supporters!

Play video reels exposing Trump lies on large outdoor projectors, especially at Trump rallies where his supporters are being fed propaganda.

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March, rally, sit, stand- do something now or we lose!

This isn't a reality TV show! This is real! Our hateful president and our weak government officials are ruining our future, credibility, livelihood, and the strength of our country. We can not wait until this term is over. POTUS is a force of destruction and he is destroying everything great about America! He is weakening our country with hatred-- everyday! The world sees our country as weak! We must act now! We must make our voices heard now! We are the people and this is the people's government and the people's country! We do not belong to a tyrant and we do not let tyranny divide our country. We have to come together and be seen! We have to show that benevolence, common sense, and the greater good of man can prevail!

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Trump/Kim Jong-Un Duel

How about an old fashioned duel between Trump and Kim Jong-Un? If one of them died, that would be great. If both died, that would be even better!!

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Anti-Trump campaign song

I have a song ("Losing Game") written/recorded/ready for release, if anyone is interested in backing it...

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Why is the POTUS using his own Military to watch and follow his own senior Military officials? There are even MP's following the Obama's and his staff. If you drive by their houses there is in fact MP's standing outside and follow them where they go on the direct order of the POTUS. Also, some members have been locked up, like my husband, indefinitely unknown to everyone. He left instructions on what to do. Why? because everyone is "under suspicion" and a "possible threat" leaking news, items he is hiding from the people or trying to get him out of office, etc. That is why you see all the firing of staff, if it’s a possible leak or threat, the POTUS gets rid of them period. When is the last time the POTUS used his own Military against his Military? Ties to Russia: Yes Election Scandal: Yes I have proof, more to come.

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The Red Tie Blues

Political satire, with a long tradition in American politics, continues to be a potent weapon. See, for example, the wickedly satirical The Red Tie Blues: Celebrating the End of the Trump Reign, very funny skewering of Trump and his crowd. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/Red-Tie-Blues-Celebrating-Trump-ebook/dp/B071GJCYX9/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1500122654&sr=1-1&keywords=the+red+tie+blues

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Start rallying and protesting at the State Legislatures office in eache state Nationwide!

By going to the House of Legislature in each state, to let them know that we want Impeachment proceedings to start not only against Trump but against Pence. This should be done nationwide. As an organizer, we always go into the street or to the offices of GOP Senators. I don't think they are hearing us. We as the people are tired of Marches, Rallies, Protest when it is fallen on deafened ears. We can't even get people out of their houses that are against 45. We need the political parties behind us and giving their support. Some of the people think what we are doing is a waste of time because Congress is not hearing us.

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https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spend-trump-s-money-or-make-trump-bankrupt/x/9511451#/ One should spend all the Donald Trump money within the shortest possible time. Every player gets a sum of money, equal to the Donald Trump capital – $ 10 000 000 000. The player, who spends all the money, wins. One can spend money for charity, donate, dish out or gamble money away in casino or in the stock exchange. It can be challenging task, because the money can be paid back. Having spent all the money, one should send message in Trump Twitter that says: Trump , I’ve spent all your money”. Board consists of one round and more than 200 event cards that will make the game fascinating and unpredictable. The rules of the game are simple. Fundamentally it is good old-fashioned roll-and-move game, elaborated with multivariance of the events. The number of players is from 2 to 6. Original design in the form of the suitcase, board, made from thick cardboard, car-shaped tokens – all that creates specific atmosphere of the game.

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A Poll and results to be sent to Trump and your senator.

If fair and warranted do traitors deserve the death penalty? reference:(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.) If it was good enough for the Rosenbergs is it good enouth for Clinton, Rice, Comey, et al?

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We all need to stand together

Only together can we beat this devil known as Donald trump. We need to stand together united as one. I'm calling on all American regardless of race religion or sexual preference. Lets take a stand against hatred! #lovenothate #dumptrump #racismisignorant

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Trumpixels, space for sale on an image sent to Trump

http://mystery-pixels.myshopify.com is selling space on a large image that will be printed, framed, and sent to Trump. This is an opportunity to directly show him how you feel!

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We should demand a world where Donald Trump does what WE want!

We should keep our reasonable and loving approach to finding alternatives to all that we disagree with about this man. A world where a man isn't possible at all is bad, but a world where anything is possible for a man is what we should strive toward. Let's explain to Donald Trump what we expect and offer him compromise to better suit the situation. We should write letters to Donald Trump personally saying what WE would do in each decison, and explain why OUR ideas are necessary for peace and equality. We should speak to the president be sending him our ideas and beliefs directly, right to his home.

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Spread my post and song...AllMyTrialsLord_UnAmerican: http://youtu.be/YyKTsu293RQ?a via @YouTube

Music touches the heart and soul. Each period of time in our history has had music available to define the situation...I write and sing and publish my anti trump and trump's leadership songs and poems...Share

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This is my corporate protest webpage: https://allstateinsuranceinsupportofthekukluxklan.wordpress.com I think we need to build more webpages exposing corporate and government evil. Thanks Dave Martin

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Also here in the Netherlands a lot of people disagree with the ridiculous ideas of this 'President'. So it's a small contribution but the message should be clear I think. Here and there some minor errors in the text but then again it was never rehearsed before.

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Vehicle Rating After Sales(VRAS)

Contact: 08080744899 Age-23 Year This concept is based on Rating in Favor of Drivers to decrease less Accident. Vehicle Rating After Sales(VRAS) What is VRAS? Vehicle Rating is system of rating which directly focus on customer satisfaction and drivers welfare. VRAS is tool which shows rating of vehicle in Percentage or stars. For example we can see number plate very easily like that any one can see this rating also. How Rating will be done? Rating will be done by drivers using VRAS tool. It will also done by any one whoever have application of VARS that they can download from play store or ios.Voting will be done Only at time of live Driving car Because if any person is driving then we can judge them so as per Decision we can vote. ☼IN CASE OF DRIVER RATING IT WILL IMPACT DOUBLE (Because they know how to Driver) ☼IN CASE OF ANY OTHER PERSON IT WILL IMPACT SINGLE LIMITATONS: ☼Every vehicle should have this application or tool which will be installed by Automobile companies. ☼This Rating will be on the basis of drivers(how they are driving) not on the basis of Automobile companies like audi,TATA,BMW etc. ADVANTAGES: It Helps driver to drive Smoothly. It indicates uncertainty or risk. It will reduce risk of Accident. It helps at time of overtake. By seeing indicator of VRAS Driver will alert. Thanking You ! Please do contact me if you liked I will provide you all information. My address: Triveni sadan no.1,shop no.5 currey Road east,M.P.Road,Mumbai-400012

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Share the "Kids On Trump" activist book w/your kids & community @ kidsontrump.com

The Kids on Trump book is written by children who dared to speak out regarding their views on Donald Trump. Visit http://www.kidsontrump.com. Share the stories of Noor, Aedan, Omar and more and help bring visibility to the "Kids on Trump Movement" as kids band together to have their voices heard and create change in the local communities and across the world!

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Real Reasons to Vote For Democrats: A Rebuttal

Search Amazon for this book. Donald Trump is printed on every page of this very accurate book; buy as a gift!!

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Anti-Trump Shirts and other items

A lot of anti-trump stuff here, shirts, mugs, totes, etc. http://versus-trump.com/

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After this video all problems will be solved! (youtube) Oester tv: Donald Trump changing the US National Anthem!

This message is only meant to cheer you Americans up a little! Greetings from Holland.

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Short film about trump https://vimeo.com/207546428

Film description A short journey inside the simple and dangerous mind of Donald Trump. After a few minor setbacks, Trump is reduced to emotional and psychological rubble and he is ready for revenge. That is if he can pay attention for long enough.

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National "Impeach Trump" march across USA!

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Anti Trump Websites

I own several anti Trump websites such as americahatestrump.com. trumpsbigmouth.com. And several others. I want to get these websites in the right peoples hands to be able to use these websites against the administration. The funny thing in researching the sites is that the trump organization owns severall similar websites trying to keep them out so he can't be attacked.

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Subdomain to bypass Trump control on some domains

In reaction to this CNN article http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/20/technology/trump-websites/index.html , I reacted to Trump owning www.nomoretrump.com by buying no-more.eu, then creatinga "trump" subdomain, and pointed the address Trump.no-more.eu to this website, is that a good idea... maybe pointless, but still fun ^^ Be brave America! - A french citizen

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Let him go. He'll sink himself.

Trump is only in this for the money. Once it dawns on him that his businesses are being hurt, not helped by being President, he will quit. See http://www.conmantrump.org

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Phone app

Hi! I am one European citizen from Italy, I believe you should write phone apps to coordinate and centralize your effort in fighting - illegal deportation ... calls for help... reunion... protest and share of information, with direct posting of videos and automating posting to all the e-mails of the senators and Constituency Representative ecc...

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Revive the "Republicans Against Trump" campaign.

Plaster the stickers everywhere

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Convince senators & congressmen we will NOT reelect them if they don't impeach Trump

Convince current senators and congressmen (especially Republicans) we will NOT reelect them if they don't work toward impeaching Trump. As long as the republicans control the house and senate they will never impeach their own president. But if we threaten their own jobs and pocketbooks then maybe their attitudes will change.

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Report the Employers

Any employee that's here legally or illegally and knows that their employer hires and/or discriminates based on your status should be reported. Using a website like law enforcement agencies do for sex offenders and other criminals post their names, products, and company information to the public. They should be exposed as law breakers as well.

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"You want to be a legitimate President, sir?" "Then act like one."

Get the best ad agency to mimic this campaign speaking directly to 45 with a poignant message about this lunacy. Then ask him to take responsibility. End each message after making light of each bad decision with: "You want to be a legitimate President, sir?" the stern voice-over says "Then act like one." Ask for donations to fund this campaign. Have professionally created ADS like this that are stinging, and effective and have them go VIRAL on social media then ask people to donate $20 or anything they afford to air the ad(s) on the TV show(s) 45 is addicted to watching.

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Republican detergent (douse-A-deush)

Empty spray bottle labeled creatively and sold as gag gift. Already complete for distribution. Cheap postage and it's marketed towards the divide in this country.

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create a catch-phrase based on an old song

Back in the 70s there was a great song called "Back Off Boogaloo". Idea: Paste many awful images of Trump against this song and then send it out onto the Web. If it catches on this phrase could be a rallying cry for any number of Anti Trump organizations. I picture marches on the White House and Trump Tower with people singing select verses of this song. With any luck at all it will drive him nuts. Here is a link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXg1AxBXN5g

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Felling Triggered yet?

Go fuck yourselves. This is a website for goatfucking fags

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I will not stop

I will insult every punk ass bitch on this website until it is shut down.

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Make America Great Again

President Trump is going to put a boot in your ass you disrespectful pieces of shit.

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Go Fuck Yourself.

I'm not joking.

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I made a music video about it! I am an artist

If you do something, do it peacefully and be creative. Violent protests, destroying property, assaulting one another, and bullying does nothing but repress and fuels hatred. I actually really hope the guy does a great job. 
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Spread awareness about STOP HATE DUMP TRUMP with this limited edition T-SHIRT!

Check out Check out STOP HATE DUMP TRUMP T-SHIRT! Available for the next 21 days via @Teespring: https://tspr.ng/c/stophatedumptrumpT-SHIRT! Assuming the tipping point is reached, all those with the T-Shirt should meet in one place for a photo-opportunity to be disseminated across social media. Please help spread the word about this campaign using the same.

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Shut down Twitter!

Everyone who has a Twitter account should deactivate it immediately. This will take away Trumps biggest hate spreading forum. It will also show all the politicians and businesses that we wield more power than just demonstrating -we can hurt them economically as they watch Twitter's stock drop. Close your Twitter account now! Pass it on.

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Do Not Watch the Supper Bowl

Now I know this is a tough one but think about it. The NFL has a rather long history of being affiliated with conservative causes. Now while most of the player may not in fact be conservative many many are. That is not the point though, the Super Bowl is a huge financial endeavor. Companies pay millions for a 30 second spot of advertising. Perhaps it is possible to get their attention by not watching the stupid game therefore rendering their investment a waste. Just saying...

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Find Trump's business supporters

We need a list in the Fort Worth-dallas area of businesses that support Trump. They will be boycotted until he is removed from office. Repeat for every major business market in the United States. Buy Starbucks coffee to give them the best day in their history. I'm going there now.

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A Massive Valentines Day Rally

What is more romantic than spending a day dedicated to romantic love espousing a greater love for all of humanity. Let us make this a Valentines none of us will ever forget. Picture massive Valentine's rally across the country.

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Boycott Local Businesses that will not stand against Trump

Create signs with messages in support of equality, fairness and diversity. These can be simple signs like "I stand for Love" or, for the religious minded "My family stands with God, God stands with all people". Offer these signs to local businesses. Than encourage all individuals who want to to stop the Trump agenda to boycott businesses that will not display an pro-human, anti-hate sign.

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Stop the flow of money

 Since the main topic is which is the true religion, it will be necessary to suspend all of them until America finds out what's really going on.  Trump just made all of our military in other countries appear to be Crusaiders for Christians.  Since Christians don't practice their claimed beliefs they are of no use to American's and our Freedom.  All travelers without regard for religion or country of origin MUST go through EXTREME VETTING until we find out what's going on.  No educational vouchers should be issued until a law exist that prevents ANY TAXPAYER MONEY from supporting religions of any kind.  No religion has proof of their claims and should not be allowed to assert them as fact.  We shouldn't support ANY discriminatory religion that isn't honest with themselves and don't appreciate their ability to worship freely in our Country.  If their Faith and trust in Jesus won't get them through then there is obviously a problem with their understanding of American values and teachings of Christ.    Welcoming in Europeans that made no sacrifice for America until after 1865 don't appreciate the opportunity for them to believe as they wish, do not deserve protection by our government and should immediately start paying taxes on property and the income of the church.   I welcome voter ID as long as it applies to everyone in our Country.  Technology makes it possible to trace everyone's Country of origin, religious leanings, and why their ancestors came to America in the first place.  Records of their lives prior to their arrival are out there and must be revealed and verified by DNA confirmation before allowing them to vote.   America and supporters of equality and freedom AROUND the world can cripple the economy until we find out who our true enemies are. We need to find out what's going on.  Money is the only concern of the Republican Party that they can't live without.  A Christian government would not allow this so save your objections.  Picket any religious gathering and peacefully obstruct access to their churches.  Fill every parking lot of every place of worship until they appreciate American Freedom.  Boycott financially anything and everyone that supports Trump and his cabinet choices.  No Supreme Court decision should be allowed to be made before we see Trump and his entire staffs tax returns to know where there loyalty lies.  Institute a law that requires all materials for building private companies to be American made.  If taxpayers suffer inflated cost, so should investors.  Take their money and Trump will disappear quickly.  Before our more American soldier's and civilians around the world start dying, the Trump Administration needs EXTREME VETTING.    We can win this without ever firing a shot if we band together to eliminate their profits from our sacrifices.  

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Destroy His Legacy!

It's only been a week and already he's offended the planet! We can produce posters, websites, t-shirts etc that mention, for example, #DestroyTrumpsLegacy. This will send a message to people to ALWAYS do something to bring attention to his distasteful presidency. At the end of his four years, he'll disappear without a trace and his massive ego will be destroyed. It's about psychology - image after image mentioning that he WILL NOT have ANY legacy apart from demonising 1.5 BILLION of the planet's population will hit home. His family name won't be worth you-know-what!

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To stop Trump focus and energy must shift to Congress and America needs to scream "IMPEACH HIM NOW"

Trump and his staff are morphing into a Dictatorship and they are tyrants. Complaining is not going to stop them. To save itself, America needs to force Congress to impeach Trump. It's time for the resistance to protest Congress with the strongest force it's got. The world needs to scream "IMPEACH HIM' asap.

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Cash Only For One Week

This idea won't work unless we get everyone on board. Here is the plan: if no one used debit or credit cards for one week banks would loose out on fees. Small businesses would not lose out only the big banks would. You can still get the goods and services you need while having an impact. The start date will have to be about one month in the future so as to get the most people possible on board. We have no political power right now. But we do have economic power. Remember we represent the majority by over three million. Even if we only do this for one day it will have an impact. Lets get Trumps attention in a legal way where no one looses out. This is a simple idea that requires only minimal effort from average people.

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I know it's sophomoric, but... My website will print out a miniature TRUMP flag for visitors from one of my templates. Print off a flag (or several), then whenever you come across a pile of dog crap, plant your TRUMP flag in the mess to show TRUMP the respect he so richly deserves!

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Boycott all things Trump

Dump Trump - Literally ! President Donald J. Trump won't divest from his businesses, so let's start a movement (an international boycott) to divest from all things Trump. Hotels, clothing, casinos, golf courses, bottled water, steaks, etc, etc. (See list below) Trump has angered enough people worldwide that we/you/us/them can make a difference by not supporting any of his enterprises and also by not accepting employment or contracts from any Trump related companies. He's widely known for not paying his vendors too, so it's just self preservation. Please share this far and wide.

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Hack Them

if wikileaks can hack our system why can't we hack theirs. Lets see how many of them paid for abortions, had abortions, have a mistress and more. They invade our rights let us invade theirs. Let us see who these people really are.

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Call him President Waldo!

The episode of "Black Mirror" TV series - The Waldo Moment (http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2386296/) encapsulates the Trump presidential campaign. What seems inconceivable, a fake, rude, sallow figure winning public opinion, is the encapsulation of Trump. Call him President Waldo! It represents everything that he is, and everything that he is not.

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Refuse tax payments for border wall

#refusethewalltax Refuse to pay taxes that allow DJT to provide an interest free loan to Mexico to build an unnecessary loan. https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-refuse-tax-payments-for-a-border-wall?recruiter=669602645&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_for_starters_page&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

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File your taxes with a demand that Trump releases his!

While the IRS cannot independently release Trump's taxes, we can certainly let the White House know, on a large scale, this is unacceptable. Especially since his aides keep saying 'no one but the media cares'. With a coordinated effort, we can show them that millions care. Just imagine - millions of people filing their taxes with the same demand! It's certain to get under Trump's skin at least.

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Achilles Heel

It isn't going to be easy to attack Trump on the political front, but he has left himself open to attack on the financial front. What he cares about most are his companies. If people stood outside, taking pictures and talking to people going inside - shining the light of publicity on them - this might convince them not to publicly align themselves with Trump and they just might stop going to his hotels or golf courses. Even better, if foreign dignitaries were the only ones attending (remember Trump can't take money from them without breaching the Constitution) his companies might cease to be profitable.

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Get the media to actively fact check the trump administration

just wanted to share that I've started a petition to all the major news outlets in the USA asking them to agree to 6 simple guidelines that will help the press combat the outright lies being spread by the new administration. Please consider signing and sharing: https://www.change.org/p/abc-a-pledge-by-news-organizations-to-fact-check-the-trump-administration-disseminate-truth?recruiter=668248844&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink

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ACT as ONE Calendar - United we cannot be stopped

Today's Women's Marches demonstrated that there is one place that every cause can identify as an origin of evil (Trump). While each participant had a cause they were supporting (Black lives matter, Reproductive Rights, etc): we could all benefit from utilizing/organizing the energy that currently exists. Many blogs and articles exist that give recommendations but not everyone is unified which results in a mixed outcome, if any. So here is my recommendation to you and any other groups. Make a wall calendar that lists a single daily activity that everyone can participate in on the same day. A calendar that is inclusive and has a matching facebook/twitter/Google groups-calendar accounts that remind everyone of the single daily action. This way we all are on the same page fighting together. In this way, we are united. Working together. I see this as a daily wall/digital/reminder calendar 365 days and ways to Fight Trump with a count down of days in office. We need to act as one.

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No purchases Buy nothing

Call for immediate impeachment. Americans do still have the power to stop Trump and the HATE he stands for. If the majority of Americans did not spend, purchase, buy anything other than the absolute most basic items to feed & care for our families, the fall of the economy would force the American Government to take immediate action to Impeach Trump. SAY GOODBYE, DON'T BUY until Trump is dumped!

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Peacefull non violent protests

Look having riots and attacking innocent civilians is no way to accomplish anything... You are being terrorists. If you really want to stop hate you have to look inside yourself and stop hating Trump and people who voted for him. If you don't like something peacefully protest don't hurt anyone or their property.. If blacks would've acted like Trump haters 70 years ago then there would definitely be no equal rights. Look at what they did back then even though they were attacked viciously by police and their dogs they didn't stoop down to their level and riot back.. Don't make yourselves look bad. All we see is violence at these never trump riots.. that does not look good at all. It really just spreads more hate.. Don't violate other peoples rights because your mad about something. Fight for something we can actually change.. for example they are poisoning people with fluoride in tap water and dumping chemicals in our skies aka chemtrails and they're feeding us gmo which causes cancer and theyre killing kids with vaccines and theyre killing off blacks with abortions lets stop murdering our babies and outlaw all of this stuff theyre literally destroying the planet.. Climate change is not caused by us or carbon or anything its just all lies.. The government is trying to kill us all and control the few ppl that will be left. You need to fight big government the government should have no say in how you live your life as long as you don't hurt anyone or their property but its all about control... If your still reading this wake up! Stop wars Stop big pharma Stop killing fetus's Stop believing all these lies that the governments around the world have been telling us for decades kill big government Don't tread on me! Trump is the first president that is not going to lie to us and is actually going to help Americans and if you do your research youll find out that he is not a racist sexist or gay hater that's just what the tv networks were telling you to believe they've taken everything out of context and cut and edit things to make it look like he is kkk. Hillary called black kids super predators and her mentor is Saul alinsky whos a kkk leader. Bill is responsible for filling prisons with colored ppl by putting drug users in prison and giving them felonies breaking up peoples families and causing them to live a life of poverty. Bill has a black son by a hooker.. Clintons set up a charity in Haiti that raised billions but the Haitians didn't get one dollar they stole it all. Clintons are owned by foreign leaders and Corporations that's why they give them so much money so they can fuck us over and stay at the top. Clintons are Satanists they worship the devil and do magik rituals. Clintons are linked to pedophile rings around the world. Hillary sells government top secret intel to foreign enemies. Hillary stole the democratic nomination from sanders by voter fraud. She almost stole the presidency by voter fraud. Many of you are college students do your research on Trump and Hillary. Trump never said anything hatefull to blacks latinos or gays or handicaps. Trump is not owned by banksters or foreign governments or corporations. Trump never molested or raped anyone all of those stories have been debunked. Clintons have raped and murdered many many people. Russia didn't hack anything in fact the only ones who did any hacking is the Clintons. I could go on for hours and hours but I'm sick of typing but to sum it all up were not going into ww3 now that hes president and hes gonna keep terrorists and criminal illegals out of our country hes not racist hes just a common sense patriot. Taxes are gonna be cut for middle class instead of raised. Were gonna stop funding isis now and kill them off. I can find a library full of dirt on Clinton but the only thing bad I could find about trump is that he might have ties to the Jesuits. Its sad to see all these college kids just believing gossip they hear from television instead of doing theyre own research especially nowadays with the internet in your pockets everywhere you go. Stop falling for their propaganda! Lock up all these dirty politicians! Don't hate! Celebrate!

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Send boxes of Honest Diapers to any Trump property, with an emphasis on Trump Tower

Leaning into memes regarding Trumps dishonesty, his baby tantrums and his supposed water play. #trumpdiapers

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Mark @realdonaldtrump as spam/offesive

Enough people do this and Twitter could shut his account down!

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Wednesday- January 18th - Tax Day

Everyone tweet all day - @realdonaldtrump "Where are your taxes? #theamericanpeopledemand" - Spread the word.

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Did you miss your chance to vote this election cycle? Did you vote based on erroneous information? If you could vote today, who would you vote for, and would it have made a difference? Check out ChangeMyVote.us to see.

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Actively participate in solutions that promote inclusion, kindness. Foment change through action.

If we focus on resolving of key issues, leaving party labels behind us, we win by example. Case in point, I work with and support Our Voice to end hunger in Ventura County, CA. That effort is not made under a banner of Democrats or Republicans. Anyone and everyone participates. I am not saying to remain quiet in the face of Trump's hypocrisy. Just make sure we all become part of the solution by actions beyond a Facebook post. And - make your voice heard. To a great extent, malaise, silence and inaction put Trump where he is. Silence is acquiescence. I speak out at http://livinged.wordpress.com. My last two posts inspired almost a dozen readers.

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Media boycott of inauguration

Encourage (letters or petitions) your local media -- both print and electronic -- to shun (boycott) inauguration activities. Run white space and/or white noise. or possibly play Toby Keith's "Wanna Talk About Me" over and over.

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A view from Down Under - New Zealand - we all feel affected

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TRUMP #NOTMYPRESIDENT on every piece of paper currency I spend in my community

After the election I made a point of spending CASH in my community instead of using plastic. I had a friend make a stamp with TRUMP #NOTMYPRESIDENT and started stamping all my money. I always stamp the back and present the front to any cashier. Some have caught it and agreed. Can you imagine if 10's of millions of stamped/written TRUMP #NOTMYPRESIDENT started showing up across the country? Some dissent is very quiet but gives a voice to the voiceless.

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Call Trump out on his protectionist hypocrisy.

Trump loves to tout all his international holdings even while badmouthing American firms that build factories overseas. Well, how many American groundskeepers do his golf courses in Scotland and Ireland emlployee. How many American construction jobs did he save by building his projects in Panama, Uruguay, Turkey, Dubai, the Philippines, South Korea, etc.? How about you put your money where your mouth is, Mr. Trump, and bring those jobs back home? Hypocrite.

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Don't Become Occup Wall Street

We have to be tactical. Protesting on the street will do nothing. You'll have more pissed off people then you will have followers. What we need to have done is the following: through all the protesters that we have we must have a leader. One of the biggest issues with the occupy Wall Street movement was that they had a leaderless movement no one knew who to talk to or who to recognize in the movement. The other issue is you must be tactful with the digital spread of this movement. The people who are registering musty get people who are friends with them to spread this on so on and so forth. And the only reason for this method is to make sure that the idea of what we are trying to accomplish reaches as many people as we can. We also need to make sure they we have a single message. Again looking at occupy Wall Street they had so many messages no one knew what they stood for they wanted to have an amendment ratified they wanted complete banking restructuring of regulations they want to criminal charges pressed and that is just too much. When you overload a message like occupy Wall Street it will collapse. Really the most important thing is after the spread of the message that we are trying but that we are trying to accomplish we must focus on our senators in our congressmen. It doesn't matter if it's in your home state or in another state. Once we have a sizable amount of individuals on this movement, we must choose a date and a time when all individuals reach out in a tactful way to the senators and congressmen at once. We call them, we Facebook them, we write them, we text them, and we email them. we keep doing this until we are acknowledged. Senators and congressmen also listen to the most important people in the industry's that elect them in their home state. If we can reach out to them and have their voices heard, that could effect their election in the future. They could be a mighty force to be reckoned with.

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delete twitter accounts

Greetings, I truly believe if there is a huge movement by groups like you to mobilize people to delete their twitter accounts and contact advertise until Twitter blocks Trump. When twitter loses $$$$ they will lose him

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We have created a site selling anti-trump bumper stickers/t-shirts. Also check out the news of trump on http://trexit2020.com/news

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The "wall" is more than something physical between Mexico and the US. It is an polarizing ideology that isolates Americans from each other.

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Bombard your senators with this message: Vote NO to Pruitt!

Please join our Facebook group. Our goal is to create an avalanche of postcards to our senators, telling them to vote NO to Trump's nomination of climate science denier Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Please join the group and make your voice heard: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NotScott/. The confirmation hearings are in January 2017, so we have ZERO time to waste! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NotScott/ #NOTScott #PruittCantDoIt #ScottPruitt #EPA #postcardavalanche

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Destroy trump brand...legally

Use the masses and camera phones to literally start taking pictures of all guests, showing face of the individuals, entering trump hotels, restaurants, golf courses, etc... post all these pictures to a common website and expose the website through the media... most of the world is against trumpism, exposing those few who would still spend money at these places could ultimately force a boycott of all things trump, hopefully internationally. Those people should be exposed, lose face. maybe hits that tipping point. Very least, free media exposure and less business for the trumps...

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Law for blind trust

petitions.whitehouse.gov. Pls pass around need 100,000 signatures in 30 days.

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Let's protest

Let's organize and protest all over on dec 19

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wrote a song to promote positivism and togetherness.

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