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Be clear about protests' meaning: Trumps campaign was founded on hate

Trump campaigned almost entirely on hatred and lies. He slandered and encouraged violence against those who did not support him, and casually demeans non-whites and other marginalized groups. These facts are undeniable when one observes the speeches Trump campaigned with. It is very important to speak up against Trump and protest to demonstrate that his ideas will not fly with the ease that they have been. However, those who speak against the protests of trump's presidency believe it to be entirely due to hypocrisy. "You're rioting because he won? He won fair and square." It is easy to take such an angle of belief, even though the true problem with trump becoming president is that it greatly emboldens hate groups to know that the representative of our nation will be someone who turns a blind eye to--or even glorifies--their heinous actions. Labels such as #DumpTrump sound catchy, but they should be the tail end description of these movements. Placing these inflammatory and sensationalized names front and center distracts from what the message behind these movements are. When dealing with people who disagree with you, you must be clear and upfront about what you mean so that they may not casually shut out your words. If arguments against Trump remain a muddled mess between "I wanted Hillary Clinton to win" and "I believe trump and his hateful campaigns should not represent america" then it is easy to ignore them as merely whining or petty concerns. I for one am afraid of how Trump promotes bigoted ideas and violence by speaking carelessly, with no regard to how these things affect the public. He not only promotes aggression among American citizens, but that he may also cause unnecessary conflicts with foreign relations due to his lack of filter when he speaks. He would make for a poorly organized and uninformed president for he does not act professionally and speaks before he thinks. He would make for a step back in the progression of our society by allowing for barbaric beliefs that racial, sexual, gender, and religious minorities are not human beings. For these reasons, I believe that any movements that speak against trump for those exact sorts of reasons MUST be clear about what their worries are, so that there is no mistake in what they are about.

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