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Bankrupt Trump

Do not purchase any product or services through any of the organizations. His money is what gives him power.

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  • Sandy Henney
    tagged this with like this idea 2016-11-20 16:43:27 -0500
  • Karen Knotek
    commented 2016-11-17 12:44:29 -0500
    WE are the economy, and our dollars are our everyday VOTES! VOTE AGAINST DT and all his businesses NOW! Each one of us has great POWER!!
  • Karen Knotek
    tagged this with like this idea 2016-11-17 12:44:29 -0500
  • rochelle Fitzgerald
    tagged this with like this idea 2016-11-13 17:38:32 -0500
  • Goulet Nicole
    published this page in Ideas 2016-11-13 12:52:39 -0500