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Be Informed About the Impact of Your Vote. Vote 3rd Party (if you want) in Non-Swing States.

Be sure to know if you are voting in a swing state: http://www.shouldivoteforathirdpartycandidate.com/ Many of us are not so happy with Hillary Clinton as an option now that Bernie is out of the race. But go ahead and vote 3rd party, so long as you're not in a swing state. For example, you can vote Jill Stein in if you are voting in California and support the Green Party platform. You might even help the Party break the 5% votes required to get federal assistance for the next election. However if you are voting in Ohio or another swing state, you should know your vote might work in favor of electing Trump. The important thing is to know the impact of your vote and the site helps you do that. We can defeat Trump and still support '3rd Party' candidates.

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  • Ned Howey
    published this page in Ideas 2016-08-03 19:40:04 -0400