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Have A Trumpie Engager Kit (For everyone's crazy uncle)

The only way we will win this war of ideas - and democratic power - is through engaging people. All in all the Trump lovers are a brutal and bullying lot - as we can see from their actions online, at rallies, and in response to any opposition. There is a lot of underlying and misdirected hate there. Although racist policy may be the likely outcome, not everyone supporting Trump is a Klan member. (Or he wouldn't be winning so enormously). Some are drawn to his speech, his personality, his difference from standard fake rhetoric of politicians - and are in denial of what the possible outcome if he wins. We need to find a way to engage in civil discussions with those who support Trump. Although its hard to be Socratic in a screaming match. I've seen policy primers and advise in the past on how to engage the opposition on various issues. I feel like we could use something like this that encourages us to talk to Trump supporters about what they really consider as a positive vision for the USA, what greatness for our country really means, what their fears are that are driving them, and how we can create a more fair world through good effective policy based in human rights and betterment of our nation. I think from many people once they are off the defensive can begin to see that cracks in their logic and how in terms of real policy Trump would be one of the worst disaster history has known.

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