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Don't Become Occup Wall Street

We have to be tactical. Protesting on the street will do nothing. You'll have more pissed off people then you will have followers. What we need to have done is the following: through all the protesters that we have we must have a leader. One of the biggest issues with the occupy Wall Street movement was that they had a leaderless movement no one knew who to talk to or who to recognize in the movement. The other issue is you must be tactful with the digital spread of this movement. The people who are registering musty get people who are friends with them to spread this on so on and so forth. And the only reason for this method is to make sure that the idea of what we are trying to accomplish reaches as many people as we can. We also need to make sure they we have a single message. Again looking at occupy Wall Street they had so many messages no one knew what they stood for they wanted to have an amendment ratified they wanted complete banking restructuring of regulations they want to criminal charges pressed and that is just too much. When you overload a message like occupy Wall Street it will collapse. Really the most important thing is after the spread of the message that we are trying but that we are trying to accomplish we must focus on our senators in our congressmen. It doesn't matter if it's in your home state or in another state. Once we have a sizable amount of individuals on this movement, we must choose a date and a time when all individuals reach out in a tactful way to the senators and congressmen at once. We call them, we Facebook them, we write them, we text them, and we email them. we keep doing this until we are acknowledged. Senators and congressmen also listen to the most important people in the industry's that elect them in their home state. If we can reach out to them and have their voices heard, that could effect their election in the future. They could be a mighty force to be reckoned with.

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  • Josh Gardenhire
    published this page in Ideas 2017-01-11 23:42:27 -0500