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Stop the flow of money

 Since the main topic is which is the true religion, it will be necessary to suspend all of them until America finds out what's really going on.  Trump just made all of our military in other countries appear to be Crusaiders for Christians.  Since Christians don't practice their claimed beliefs they are of no use to American's and our Freedom.  All travelers without regard for religion or country of origin MUST go through EXTREME VETTING until we find out what's going on.  No educational vouchers should be issued until a law exist that prevents ANY TAXPAYER MONEY from supporting religions of any kind.  No religion has proof of their claims and should not be allowed to assert them as fact.  We shouldn't support ANY discriminatory religion that isn't honest with themselves and don't appreciate their ability to worship freely in our Country.  If their Faith and trust in Jesus won't get them through then there is obviously a problem with their understanding of American values and teachings of Christ.    Welcoming in Europeans that made no sacrifice for America until after 1865 don't appreciate the opportunity for them to believe as they wish, do not deserve protection by our government and should immediately start paying taxes on property and the income of the church.   I welcome voter ID as long as it applies to everyone in our Country.  Technology makes it possible to trace everyone's Country of origin, religious leanings, and why their ancestors came to America in the first place.  Records of their lives prior to their arrival are out there and must be revealed and verified by DNA confirmation before allowing them to vote.   America and supporters of equality and freedom AROUND the world can cripple the economy until we find out who our true enemies are. We need to find out what's going on.  Money is the only concern of the Republican Party that they can't live without.  A Christian government would not allow this so save your objections.  Picket any religious gathering and peacefully obstruct access to their churches.  Fill every parking lot of every place of worship until they appreciate American Freedom.  Boycott financially anything and everyone that supports Trump and his cabinet choices.  No Supreme Court decision should be allowed to be made before we see Trump and his entire staffs tax returns to know where there loyalty lies.  Institute a law that requires all materials for building private companies to be American made.  If taxpayers suffer inflated cost, so should investors.  Take their money and Trump will disappear quickly.  Before our more American soldier's and civilians around the world start dying, the Trump Administration needs EXTREME VETTING.    We can win this without ever firing a shot if we band together to eliminate their profits from our sacrifices.  

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  • Randy Trevor
    commented 2017-02-04 02:46:36 -0500
    How bout I stop my money from going into your welfare consuming mouth you waste of space.

    Go eat a dick.
  • Randy Trevor
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  • Terry Hortman
    published this page in Ideas 2017-01-30 12:38:39 -0500