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Website cataloging the crimes of Donald Trump – “Who’s the Real Criminal?”

Google search “trump crimes” right now you find a few scattered articles. We need a website devoted to cataloging the criminal acts of Donald Trump, with the explicit intent of advocating for his impeachment from office and promoting that message via social media. A partial list, that is sure to grow: Pre-election, a billion dollars in tax fraud, the fraud committed by his foundation, Trump U fraud. Post-election, violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, prohibiting enrichment from a foreign power, and more to come. An important feature of the website would be a “Who’s the Real Criminal?” section, telling the story of the unfairly prosecuted under the Trump regime – Dreamers and immigrants for example, and likely political prisoners to come. The website would be reasoned and credible, not hyperbolic, but would also use social media to the utmost, and focused on youth. NY Times meets Buzzfeed meets Wikipedia. A clearinghouse for existing reporting, and original research and features as well. For those who can remember, the far right used money from shady millioniares and talk radio to whip up a frenzy about Bill Clinton’s supposed crimes back in the 90s, ultimately leading to his impeachment. I’m proposing we flip the script, and impeach Trump for his actual crimes, using the power of citizen journalism, social media, an open source ethos, our own imagination and most of all the Truth. Our media as an institution is at its weakest at the time we need it most, and it’s up to us to build the purpose-driven web-based citizen journalism of the future to take on Trump. Techies, journalists, everyone else, what do you think?

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  • Jason Johnston
    published this page in Ideas 2016-11-23 11:47:46 -0500