Government: Economic Regulation

Economic regulation and economic promotion include state measures to maintain market balance and to avoid disruptions in economic processes. Important elements of state market regulation are: Taxes and duties for companies and households, Subsidies and financial aid, Pricing in the […]

How Do You Earn An Income On Bonds?

A bond is a financial instrument that is issued by a company or government in order to raise money. Bonds are typically used to finance large projects such as building roads and bridges, expanding power grids, and developing new technologies. Bonds […]

Privacy Policy

At Stop Hate Dump Trump, accessible at, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by and how we use it. If […]

State, Economy & Society As Partners

The essence of a social market economy is to guarantee prosperity and security in society. Also, it needs to protect the freedom of the economy and individuals. The welfare state is dependent on the market economy.  The financial basis of […]

Government And Its Economic Activity

There are two central methods by which the government may respond to economic activity to guarantee strong economic growth. These are monetary policy and fiscal policy. Fiscal Policy The government may also ratify policies that change tax rates, introduce tax […]

Influences of Government In Economy

The social market economy is the government’s economic policy model, as everyone knows. But hardly anyone is aware of the possibilities that the state has to intervene in the economic system. Government has a great scope for interpretation is in […]

Economics Needs Political Support

You can make quite a resounding case for a Pigovian tax if you study economics. This is a tax that gets people to pay the full social cost of the good, and not just the private cost. This principle of […]

Lawyer: Role Of Law In Economic Rise

Law and business are not mutually exclusive.  You can never practice both in isolation. However, the interplay of law and economic growth has always been a fascinating topic for legal researchers and those associated with the legal industry. With the […]

Finance Sector for Business Lawyers

A look at the vitae of many lawyers shows that the classic path via legal clerkship to the judiciary or to a law firm is the most common. However, it does not have to be the only choice of career […]

Leveraging Bookkeeping for the Gig Economy

  The assets are mismeasured and mismanaged, although it is held by governments. Citizens—the ultimate owners of those assets—should demand better. If “public wealth” was properly measured, managed, and better understood, society as an entire would benefit. But, to assist […]

Tasks of Politics In A Market Economy

Should politicians intervene directly in the market or not? When it comes to supplying citizens with goods and services in the best possible way, better not. Should politicians intervene in the market economy? The majority of economists say that politicians […]

The Economic Effects of Playing at Casinos

  Long before the word “online” even existed, the casino sector was the source of a comparatively great amount of revenue for the world’s governments. Now that individuals have the choice of gaming within the comfort of their homes, the […]

Different Tasks Of Politics & Economy

Politics shape your social life. It sets the framework for what you do and what you do not do first and foremost in economic matters. The market economy has a decisive advantage over all other economic systems. In principle, it […]

Importance of Economics and Politics

Dealing with economic matters appears to most as an unnecessary and strenuous and endeavour. The economy forms your daily life in numerous ways whether as a voter, consumer, or employee. Therefore, basic economic knowledge must be part of the common […]

Stock Market: Support For The Economy

From the point of view of economists, the stock market is developing into an important pillar of the economy. The rally on the stock exchanges is of great importance for the real economy. The upward trend is one of the […]

Political Economy Theory of Mass Media

What is political economy theory? The name itself gives us a hint. This is an approach to studying media that focuses on the politics and economics of media. It asks the question: How does power and wealth influence our systems […]

The Effects of Government Regulations to the Economy

Most economy during this pandemic have been struggling hard to recover. Some economies have had different obstacles like red tape that threaten growth. Because of this pandemic different Government in different nation implement new regulations. With new regulations comes bigger […]

Political Economy

Political economy is the study of the interaction of politics and economics. Where politics is the study of power and economics, the study of money or it focuses on the creation and distribution of wealth.  It is taking a look […]

The Relationship of Politics and Wealth Management

  Politics is a polarizing issue that arouses strong emotional reactions from many people. Merely uttering the titles “Obama” or even “Trump” is bound to have the juices flowing for several subscribers. Trusted advisers have the double responsibility of making […]

Politics and Economy are Inseperable

Economics and Politics are undeniably intertwined. This is true because of the following reasons: Economics play and depends greatly on Government policy. Economics is largely affected by the Government’s approach and policies. A good example of this the policy on […]

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 To Canada’s Market

  The spread of this coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated financial effects are climbing at a fast pace. The shutdown of particular sectors and the subsequent layoffs of several workers are rippling throughout the market. Without previous precedents, challenging financial information […]

Housing is a Part of the Economy

Despite a country’s booming economy many people in many nations still do not have a place they can truly call their homes.  At the moment millions of people globally are without a decent place to stay. This figure is very […]