Law is basically a system of rules. This is very common in our government. The same is practiced in smaller entities like municipalities, cities, counties and even on schools, businesses and families alike.

Law is recognized as the action of members and which it might enforce imposition of penalties.

Surprised? You’re not the Only One

A common misconception when it comes to law is that, laws are made by politicians. The fact is, bureaucrats are those who are drafting the laws. This is based to their wisdom since they’re the ones who deeper knowledge and is working at the secretarial level of government. As a result, they can see a new law to be made at all angles and the way it would affect the country as a whole and its delegates.

It is them who are truly qualified in drafting laws with the help of secretarial staffs.

When Do Policymakers takeover?

Once they are through with their work, that is the time when it would be passed through politicians. These policymakers will then debates on the same concern and pass it on their meeting. Review the proposed law and then, it will follow the usual process. If signed by the president, then it’ll be become a bill, otherwise, Members of the Congress will take a vote whether to turn it to a law and bypass the president’s decision.