Social media has been widely used in today’s time. Apart from being a communication and business tool as well, politician’s presence is felt heavily in these platforms. From Facebook, Twitter and even on YouTube, it has drastically changed how campaigns are executed and how Americans and other people around the world are interacting with elected officials.

It’s Far from its Original Purpose

The worldwide prevalence of social media in the world of politics have made candidates and elected officials alike become more accessible and at the same time, accountable to voters. Furthermore, the ability of publishing content and then, broadcasting it almost instantly to millions of people have opened up new possibilities.

To give you an example, political campaigns are carefully managed in line with the image of their candidates and also, based on their targeted demographic to become more appealing and get their sympathy and votes.

Social Media Gradually Changing Political Landscape

Various social media tools from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have served as a free platform in directly speaking towards voters without having to spend a dime.

Unlike with traditional campaign methods, wherein they have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to connect with people.

With social media, politicians circumvented these conventional methods of connecting through voters by means of paid ads or earned media.