Digital signature is basically a mathematical algorithm that is used for validation of message, digital document or software. It’s the counterpart for handwritten signatures or stamped seals.

Digital signature does offer improved security and designed to solve problems of impersonation and tampering in digital communications.

Improved Security

Digital signatures could provide an extra layer of security for providing origin evidence, status of electronic document and its identity, message or transaction and is capable of acknowledging informed consent from the signer.

You perhaps may be wondering how these mathematical algorithms function?

As a matter of fact, digital signatures are based on public key cryptography. This is otherwise called as asymmetric cryptography. By using public key algorithm similar to RSA, it becomes possible to create two keys that are linked to each other mathematically. In these two keys, one is public and the other is private.

Brief Explanation of its Function

Digital signature act as public key cryptography. This again will depend on 2 mutual authenticating cryptographic keys. The person who makes the digital signature is using their personal private key in encrypting any signature data. The only way of decrypting this data is by using the public key of the signer. And that is how these digital signatures are being authenticated.

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