Politicians are often seen as boring, out-of-touch figures that don’t really understand how to connect with their constituents. In the past, this was probably true. But in the modern world of social media and constant streaming of information, politicians will have to adapt or risk losing their jobs to a younger set of leaders.

Luckily, there are plenty of examples of how politicians can entertain their constituents without coming across as pandering or phony. With the rise of social media and the role it plays in our everyday lives, politicians can no longer rely on traditional methods for staying connected with their constituents.

Here are 3 ideas for ways politicians can entertain their constituents:

Hold Town Halls and Ask For Feedback

Politicians often find it difficult to stay in touch with what the people they represent want and need. Holding townhalls and asking constituents what they want from their government is an easy way to get feedback and stay in touch with what people want and need.

With the explosive growth of social media, its role has become more important. Many constituents aren’t even aware that their elected officials are on social media and even fewer know how to find them.

Run Comedy Events to Engage Constituents

Comedy and entertainment events have always been a great way for politicians to get in front of their constituents and talk about the issues. But in the past, these kinds of events were seen as frivolous, and often reserved for fundraising or private gatherings. In this modern time, politicians can take advantage of comedy events as a way to reach their constituents and talk about real issues that are important to their communities.

This can be done in public or private settings, and can take many forms — from a formal debate to a stand-up comedy show. They can do this in the day and once the sun sets. 

Another example of running comedy events for engagement is when they are trying to educate their constituents of new opportunities. For instance, they want to introduce traderscentral funding prop firm, the event can be used warm up everyone up. Then after, introduce the main topic of the event.

Make Videos that Help Explain Policies

In an era where there is a constant flow of information, many people don’t have the time or patience to read long and drawn-out policy recommendations from government officials.

This can, however, be overcome with short videos that explain policies in an easy-to-digest format.

Politicians can reach out to their constituents on social media platforms like YouTube and explain policies in ways that are easy to understand.