While real estate is a major industry of the United Kingdom, the real estate market’s low supply of private houses has made home ownership costly for Britons. The housing problem in the UK has been an issue for years, which the government tried to solve last year by declaring a “stamp duty holiday.” The initiative helped keep the industry afloat at the height of the nation’s pandemic lockdown. The buying trend is still on as many want to take advantage of the low housing loan rates.

The Pandemic Spurred a Home-Buying Spree in the South East England and East England Regions

Apparently, the strategy worked as many residents of COVID-19 hot spots, particularly in London. took to buying houses in b0rroughs located in the South East and East regions of England. Normally, the exodus out of the Greater London Area would have caused a drop in the prices of private houses in London, which made many house hunters hopeful of finding an affordable private home in the city.

Yet contrary to expectations, the demand for private housing in London also increased. Those who had hoped to buy a private home in the Greater London Area were disappointed to find out that the value of London homes had increased by as much 25% when compared to pre-pandemic price values.

After the documentary stamp tax duty holiday ended in September 2021, real estate market data revealed that London properties posted an increased total housing value of £2.4 trillion, surpassing the total values of homes in South East (£1.7 trillion) and East England £1 trillion.

Is the Shortage of Housing Estate in London for Real?

The phenomenal rise in the value of London homes all the more made Britons suspect that some kind of manipulations had taken place to keep the prices of London’s real estate properties high. Since the price of a London home is still not as affordable as many hoped for, landlords and property owners can still keep the high prices of apartment and home rentals high as well.

Home Buyers are Focusing Their Search on South East England and East England’s Private Housing Offers

Housing market experts believe that such conditions will all the more drive buyers to shop for homes in South East England and East England borroughs. Leading real estate market source Zoopla predicts that these regions will be able to sustain the growth of their respective real estate markets in the next five years.

In fact, the Borehamwood Estate Agents of private homes in Hertfordshire in England are currently receiving a lot of requests for property valuation/; a service they provide online at no cost and hustle-free. The trend is that those who have saved enough to pay as equity down-payment for a private home, are paying heed to advice about taking advantage of the current low interest rates on housing loans.

Apparently, their search has led them to Borehamwood, which is only 12 miles away from Charring Cross in London where six travel routes meet. The town being in London’s commuter belt is reachable by train within 25 minutes, making it even more attractive for those work in the capital city.

Borehamwood and its twin b0rrough Elstree gained popularity for being home to the studios of the film and TV industry. In addition, the town is actually a tourist destination spot as most sightseeing tours in the UK include visits to Elstree Studios. TV studios on the other hand, welcome tourists as their live audience.

The greater attraction about Borehamwood as a potential permanent place to live in is the low rates of accommodation; denoting that housing property values are fairly affordable as well.