When looking for a cheap SR-22 insurance, have awareness that this type of car insurance provides cover for drivers who have been charged in serious DMV cases. Since state governments still want citizens who need to drive again, become able to return to normal lives, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may reinstate their driver license. However, reinstatement approval requires getting an SR-22 insurance coverage, which the insurance provider certifies and submits to the DMV on behalf of the errant driver.

While drivers looking to have their license reinstated are inclined to seek for a cheap SR-22 insurance policy, the premiums that an insurance company imposes depend on the degree of risks involved. While comparing the insurance premiums charged by different providers can help, the nature of the suspension of the driver license is also factored in.

Not all insurance providers offer SR 22 coverage but those who do, determine the insurance rates based on the offending driver’s history in relation to the traffic charges. Below are examples of such violations:

Drunk Driving or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol(DUI)

If a driver is found guilty of Drunk Driving or DUI, or of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), the DMV considers the errant driver as a high risk road hazard who can do damage to human lives and property. The insurance premiums can go higher if the offender has been arrested for DUI or DWI several times before. Such cases make an SR-22 car insurance coverage even more important as a legal requirement for the reinstatement of the driver license.

Now if the offender does not own the car he is about to drive in the future, license reinstatement will require the submission of a non-vehicle ownership type of SR-22 car insurance.

Reckless Driving Offense

The traffic offender here had his or her license suspended after being charged with reckless driving or being negligent or unmindful of following traffic safety laws. Again the SR-22 insurance cover for this type of offense depends on the related history, such as frequency, by which the offender was charged.

Driving Without Insurance Coverage

All state governments, except New Hampshire and Virginia require all motorists to have an active car insurance policy when driving their vehicles on public road. Although considered as a minor traffic offense, the SR 22 insurance coverage could cost more if the offense that caused the license suspension involved a serious traffic accident. More so if the accident had resulted in human injury, loss of human lives or major damages to private and public properties.

Actually, the SR-22 insurance is only one of several requirements before a DMV approves the reinstatement of a license. Depending on company regulations, taking and passing a defensive driving test or attending alcohol rehab classes can help reduce the SR-22 insurance rates.