From the point of view of economists, the stock market is developing into an important pillar of the economy. The rally on the stock exchanges is of great importance for the real economy. The upward trend is one of the main reasons that the economic prospects in the USA and Europe have improved.

The development on the stock markets and 해외선물 will lead to a consolidation of the upswing. The upswing is good news for the economy for several reasons. Experience shows that the stock markets are around six months ahead of the real economy. The stock exchanges are a wonderful economic indicator because they anticipate the companies’ better profit expectations. Therefore, you should be optimistic for at least the next six months.

Aplus asset: How does the stock market influence the economy?

The stock market development also influences the development of the real economy. And it does so through several channels.

First, when share prices rise, the wealth of private households that own shares increases. This tends to boost consumer confidence.

Second, it will be easier for companies to get fresh money on the stock exchanges through new issues or capital increases. And banks’ balance sheets will improve when share prices rise. They will then become more courageous when it comes to lending.

And thirdly, there is a psychological effect. Higher share prices lead to a rise in sentiment in the economy as a whole and consumer and company confidence in the future.

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Aplus asset: The role of the stock market in the economy

Many newcomers to the stock market rightly ask themselves what role the stock market in general and stocks in a particular play. For those who have been trading on the stock exchange for a long time, the answer to this question is clear.

The stock exchange is a source of money. And what role does the stock exchange play in economic life? The stock exchange is the capital market, the meeting point for those who want to invest their money in securities and those who want to turn their papers into money. In the overall economic context, the stock exchange functions as a trading venue. It is an important barometer for the state of health of a country or a company.