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Banks and Governments Worried About Cryptocurrency

Since the advent of cryptocurrency in 2009, regulators were slow to react and give their criticisms regarding its use, trade and exchange. But when Facebook’s recent announcement of its new venture to release its own digital currency known as Libra, disapprovals and criticisms by regulators and lawmakers were quick and plentiful.

Finance ministers, central banks and global privacy regulators have expressed concerns with the intended release of the cryptocurrency Libra for many various reasons. One is the conjecture that it could radically change or threaten their jobs as well. Thus, crypto supporters, investors and regulators state that Libra has intensified the risks for financial authorities which compelled them to seriously delve into digital currencies.

Disrupting The Global Economy

The advent of the technology on blockchain and Bitcoin, which is the most popular and successful application so far, have the capability to aid as well as disturb the worldwide economy. Although there is still no solid evidence, the manner by which financial institutions and governments are quickly taking action to regulate the cryptocurrency market is a strong sign that these centralized and conventionally powerful entities are disconcerted and troubled.

Reserve banks control money, with the Treasury of the US functioning as a global central bank although nobody, specifically economists, will formally declare it. This is possibly the purpose as to why the US dollar functions as the reserve currency of the world. The epicenter of the worldwide financial crisis in 2008 was in the US, and its reverberations was experienced in far nations.

Although central banks are creating a tactic to curtail the adoption of cryptocurrencies as the alternate of fiat, many wonder how digital currency could aid the global economy.

For almost a decade, governments as well as central banks kept an eye on the market of cryptocurrency as it exponentially grew. Critics jumped into the bandwagon. The existing financial condition was shifting. Startups with merely an idea and not even a slightest product that is viable were generating millions in just seconds.

Many individuals see digital currencies as a danger to fiat currencies.  This, however, is far from becoming true. Cryptocurrency as well as the technology on blockchain have a protracted way to go before they could entirely overtake the prevailing financial system. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology needs more study before it could attain its maximum potential. But, we couldn’t disregard how it has affected the financial world. Digital currency could aid the global economy, and the truth that Wall Street is bothered by it is an indication digital currencies are to stay.