Last March, Australia’s Labor Party said if they win the 2022 federal election, non-luxury type electric cars wii become affordable to Australian citizens. Moreover, as a way to address the one issue that has been preventing citizens from deciding on electric vehicles (EVs), the Labor Party promises to install as many as 400 community batteries in the suburbs. However, not all are enthusiastic, since many believe they will not qualify for an EV car loan.

Although the Labor Party made the same promise in the 2019 elections, the opposition leaders failed to win but still believe in pushing for the nationwide use of electric cars.
According to Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, independent polls conducted with regard to EV use revealed that customer preferences have changed. The polls showed that the majority of citizens who have future plans of buying a new vehicle, now have their minds set on buying an electric car.

Apparently, many motorists in Australia have come to realize that the country is already lagging behind other countries, in the use of fuel-efficient electric vehicles.

AU Labor Party Reveals How They Plan to Make EVs Affordable in the Country

The Labor Party’s plans for making non-luxury EVs affordable to Aussies is by legislating policies aimed at incentivising car manufacturers. They will do it through offers of import tariffs on exempt models, as well as by offering tax fringe benefits.

To further reduce the cost of owning an electric vehicle, the opposition party will see to it that EV components are manufactured in the country.

In order to make good on their commitment to improve the availability of car-charging infrastructure throughout the country, a Labor Party-controlled government will work with each of the four Australian states to achieve such goal.

The Labor Party’s current estimate is that if they win the 2022 federal election, their plans will roll out in as early as July 2022. All things considered, the Labor Party’s plan will need a budget amounting to $200 million to complete the related projects over a span of 3 years.

Will Consumers with Poor Credit History Qualify for an EV Financing

Since many Australians encountered financial difficulties as a result of the past and present natural disasters, including the 2020 pandemic,  they are not as enthusiastic in hearing this piece of news. Actually, many are not so optimistic about the possibility of owning a new car, let alone, a non-luxury electric vehicle, since their credit history took a hit after struggling for months in paying their bills.

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